Crock Pot Applesauce


At times I wonder if you’re into crock pots like I am. Honestly I’ve held back a bit so as not to scare you off. See, I own…..wait for it….. 3 crock pots. Whew, that’s a load off. What’s more is I often use all three simultaneously. That’s right. Main course, side and dessert all served in crock pots for the masses.

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Grain Free Enchiladas


Have the dieting blues? Does eating healthy seem like a never ending tasteless concoction after another? I got you. The same thing happened to me when I first learned my daily ice cream habit might not be as good for me as I hoped it was. I switched completely over to “healthy” food and found myself missing classic dishes like enchiladas, chicken pot pie and waffles. I thought to myself, “This is what life is now. Grilled chicken and steamed veggies for the rest of my days….”

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Grain Free Tortillas


Being an introvert is like being a tortilla. We look simple and straight forward, but really we are deep and complex. Plus, we somehow end up holding everything together in this great big burrito world. Don’t worry, I really am going somewhere here.

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Beet Salad With Pomegranate Vinaigrette Dressing


“Just beet it, beet it, beet it!” This summer beet salad has me singing at top of my lungs like no one’s listening. In reality, my kids are looking at me like I’m some strange weirdo. I guess they don’t appreciate Michael Jackson parodies like I do.

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Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream


Summer heat has me trying to make every dish a cold one in my kitchen. This girl does NOT like to heat up the kitchen when it’s over 100° outside everyday. Honestly, I feel like my face could actually melt when I go outside so why would I turn my kitchen into the same hot mess? Relief is on the way. I’ve created homemade vanilla ice cream. And you don’t need an ice cream maker. Continue reading Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream

Ultimate Lego Birthday Party


Each year I get excited about my kids’ birthday parties. At least a month before their special day I start planning, dreaming and usually creating a Pinterest board. See, I grew up with themed birthdays each year. As a kid I thought that’s just what other families did. I’m not even kidding you, until I was 20, I didn’t know other kids had birthday parties, no theme.

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Gluten Free Potstickers


There is currently a city made out of cardboard in my living room. Tape, scissors, markers and shreds of boxes are strewn about. I couldn’t be happier, really. This is what it looks like for a 10, 6 and 3 year old to play together and get along for a hot minute. Summer break had me planning a part time sitter to come to the house a couple times a week so I could keep working, but as luck would have it, these amazing kids have been so into playing together that I haven’t needed the sitter. Unreal right? Continue reading Gluten Free Potstickers

Cherry Lime Popsicles


I had this thought. What if everything we are trying so hard to reach isn’t as important as what we can touch right here, right now? Perhaps our goals become distractions keeping us from the real gem staring in front of us, begging for a cherry lime popsicle promising not to get sticky-again. Continue reading Cherry Lime Popsicles

Red White and Blueberry Popsicles


Bring out the sparklers, Independence Day is nearly here. As I kid we used to drive to see the big fireworks in nearby cities. I remember lying on the grass looking up at the dark sky getting illuminated with the brightest colors. Sometimes it felt like I needed sunglasses just to keep watching the show. Do you remember the boom? If you’ve ever sat on the ground to watch the show, you can feel the boom from underneath you. It’s like nothing I’ve experienced before. Kinda like these red white and blueberry popsicles. Continue reading Red White and Blueberry Popsicles

Lemon Pudding Cake


You won’t believe where I am right now. It’s like Heaven itself came down and graced me with a view. A serene lake smoothed out with scarcely a ripple, mountain sides around decorated with pines, redwoods, and the like. Cloudy skies whispering rain drops. And I’m here sitting on an entire hill made of sand. The kids are climbing up the sand dune as high as they can, then running with all their might down to collide into us. Josh is trying to convince me he needs a pet salamander and Thad helped the kids catch 21, that’s right 21, in a little mote they made out of sand. The water is cold, but not unbearable. Somehow Rori and Sam are braving the lake with shivers and excitement about the pool of newts they’ve collected.

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