Home Run Snacks: 10 Healthy Affordable Snacks For On The Go


Little league, basketball, swimming, soccer, tennis, you name it we’ve played it. While I love getting my kids involved in sports, the seasons can take a toll on the family. Weekly practices, games, buying the equipment needed, and then there’s the snacks. Not only do I try to bring enough snacks for my kiddos, but there are sign ups for bringing the team snacks.

I’m always wondering how to bring snacks that will replenish what the kids need after a game, and hopefully not hype them up on sugar.

On this post I’ll share with you tips for homemade and store bought options ( sometimes you just don’t have the time to bake everything) that will accomplish both. All of these snacks can be mix & matched to fit your criteria. I’ll specify with each if they are dairy free, sugar free (as in no white sugar or high fructose corn syrup), gluten free, clean eating, or paleo.

I also did the leg work for you on pricing. Bringing snacks for the team has cost me $40+ easily, and that’s without doing anything fancy or creative! My goal is to help you eat healthy without breaking the bank. My prices are based on an average of local stores in my city and Amazon.com.

Homemade Granola Bars & Apple Slices

My homemade granola bars are clean eating, gluten free, and sugar free (only calls for maple syrup). They are not strict paleo as they include gluten free oats. I like to wrap mine in parchment paper and seal them with a fun sticker.

Price: Assuming you have basic things like spices, butter, milk and baking products on hand, the cost for these granola bars comes out to $4.50.

Apples are fast to cut if you have an apple slicer. You can also pick up those mini bags of apples already sliced. This will cost you a bit more, but save you on time. If you opt to cut them yourselves or just give them out whole, a 5lb bag should suffice (10-15 apples, depending on size).

Price: The price of a 5 lb bag of apples is $5.80 give or take a little.

Total Price Of This Home Run Snack: $10.30

Jerky & Carrots With Almond Butter

I’ve made jerky in the dehydrator before, and someday I’ll even post my recipe for it. If you’re trying to put something together for a group however, I suggest buying the jerky. Unless you are planning your snacks 2 weeks ahead of time, in that case go right on ahead and make your jerky.  Also, please tell me how in the world you are so prepared that you are planning your snacks 2 weeks out. Seriously.

 Read your labels when it comes to jerky. Some of them have a ridiculous  amount of sugar added, while others have  added processed ingredients. Jerky is only clean eating, sugar free, and paleo if you get the right kind and read your labels! I like Krave Jerky. If you click on the link, it is for a variety 3 pack that would be plenty for feeding a team.

Price: While it depends on what brand and quantity of jerky you buy, $12.75 is a great estimate.

 Carrots are just as easy to prep, but if you’d rather buy them prepackaged, that’s an option as well. Almond butter has become easy to get prepackaged too. I buy them in my local store from time to time for .99 each. I found them here for $12.47 for 10 count.

Price: A 3lb bag of carrots goes for about $1.98, and the almond butter can be as low as $6.00 if you have a way to divvy it up into smaller portions. Say using these? This brings you to $7.98 for the carrots and almond butter.

Total Price Of This Home Run Snack: $20.73

Homemade Fruit Gummies & Trail Mix

My homemade fruit gummies can be made for as little as $5.50 and they make 50-70 gummies. Keep in mind you will need candy molds for this recipe. My fruit gummies are paleo, clean eating, dairy free, gluten free and sugar free.

Price: The average cost for these gummies are $5.50.

Trail mix is easy to buy pre-made in your local grocery store. Another route is going to a store with a bulk section, picking your favorite trail mix ingredients (say cashews, almonds, raisins, chocolate chips, and sunflower seeds) and mix them yourself! Trail mix is dairy free (if you leave out yogurt covered raisins), sugar free (if you so choose), gluten free, paleo and clean eating. This all really depends on how you make it or what exactly comes in the bag.

Price: The average price I’ve found for either a big bag of trail mix or making it yourself is $9.00.

Total Price Of This Home Run Snack: $14.50

Pizza Rolls & Grapes

Pizza Rolls are simple. Tortillas, pizza sauce, shredded mozzarella cheese and pepperoni are all you need to make these. They don’t take long either. I can roll these up, cut them in half or quarters and have them done in 15 minutes. Hint: I use cling wrap for these to help them hold together well while they are waiting in an ice chest to be eaten. These are clean eating and sugar free if you use sauce and pepperoni without added sugars or preservatives.

Price: I checked the price on each ingredient and came out to $10.99. If you already have one or more of these, say cheese or tortillas, these will cost you less.

Yes, I know. Grapes are a pretty expensive fruit these days. If you look at how many you can get in a bag however, you’ll see why they are perfect for feeding a little league team.

Price: I was just shopping yesterday and saw these at $9.00 for a 3 lb. bag. When in season they can be less.

Total Price Of This Home Run Snack: $19.99


Chex Mix & Fruit Leather

Did you know you can make gluten free chex mix?? I’ll be sharing my own recipe soon with the correct seasonings, but for now know that you can buy rice chex, gluten free pretzels, corn chex, mixed nuts, and add in your seasoning with some butter, bake it a little, and voila!

Price: The price for a 15 oz bag of chex mix (which is not gluten free, just so ya know) is $2.50.

Fruit leather can now be purchased without any added sugar! While I still enjoy making mine at home, why toil over them when you have other things to get ready for tomorrow night’s game? Fruit leather is sugar free, clean eating, gluten free and paleo, so long as you check your labels!

Price: The price for Target’s brand of fruit leather (25 in a pack by the way) is $6.00.

Total Price Of This Home Run Snack: $8.50

Applesauce & Turkey Wraps

Applesauce is one of those great treats that needs nothing added. For some reason, companies just love to add to it though. I make my own applesauce in the fall, and try to make it last, but around summer time I usually run out. There are a few brands that do not anything to their applesauce though, and I’m so thankful to them!

Price: A pack of 13 applesauce pouches is $13.01. Sometimes you can find coupons for these and get them for a better price.

Turkey wraps are even easier than the pizza rolls. Grab some tortillas, fill them with mayo, cheese and turkey and you’re done! I’ve made these more complex by adding lettuce, mustard and pickles, but then only about half the group will eat them.

Price: I can usually get turkey, cheese and tortillas for $7 on average, sometimes less.

Total Price Of This Home Run Snack: $20.01

Rice Cakes & Oranges

 Rice cakes now come in many flavors. They are all gluten free, but sugar is a different story. Decide for yourself which kind you want to provide. Personally, I’m boring and usually just bring the lightly salted ones.

Price: I can buy 1 bag for about $2.50 or less. For a team, you’ll need 3 bags. So plan for $7.50.

Oranges are always a hit. Kids love them and they can be as simple as giving them out whole or slicing them up real quick. You can also buy mandarins in the winter, which are a great option too. When in season my grandpa and my parents have orange trees, so I can occasionally just go pick some.

Price: For a group I’d suggest buying 5lbs (roughly 10 oranges) which is on average $ 5.25. If you buy them in a pre-packaged bag, you’ll find they are usually about 50¢ cheaper. The only problem is you don’t know if you’re buying a bag with a few soft or bruised fruit in the middle. 😕

Total Price Of This Home Run Snack: $12.75

Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies & Veggies with Hummus

My Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies are not only sensational, but darn good for you too! One batch will make about 4 dozen cookies, which is plenty for any group you’re planning snack for. These cookies are clean eating, gluten free, sugar free, and dairy free.

Price: Again, I’m guessing you have the basic cooking supplies in your kitchen, so I priced these out to $7.69.

Veggies are simple in that you can pretty much always find one or two in season that can be quickly cut up for dipping. My favorites are bell peppers, zucchini and carrots. Hummus is one of those items that is affordable if you have a plan for putting small amounts into some kind of container for the kids to grab. I like these ones because you can throw them away when their done, or reuse them. Up to you! Hummus and veggies are gluten free, sugar free, clean eating and dairy free. Beans are not included in paleo eating, so that’s why hummus is not paleo.

Price: To buy 2 varieties of veggies and hummus, I averaged this out to $8.33.

Total Price Of This Home Run Snack: $16.02

Rice Puff Bars & Raisin Boxes

I make my own rice puff bars out of rice puffs, honey, and almond butter. They are simple and delicious. You can also buy them at stores like Trader Joe’s or Costco, but I find I can make these for way less.

Price: If I make 2 batches of these, I spend about $8.50.

Do you remember eating those little boxes of raisins? They always tasted way better to me than just plain raisins. I’m not talking about yogurt covered raisins either. Just those little red boxes of raisins.

Price: I found these on amazon for $7.29 for 24 mini boxes. What a great deal!

Total Price Of This Home Run Snack: $15.79

Dried Fruit & Cheese Sticks

This is a great one if you just got off work and are headed straight for the game. No time to try and think or even budget. Usually your mindset is, get in and out of the store as fast as possible. Dried fruit can be purchased in a myriad of ways. Mixed, separate or bulk. Try your best to find ones that have no added sugar. This can be tricky. Dried fruit is clean eating, can be sugar free, dairy free (duh), gluten free and is paleo if no sugar is added.

Price: $12.00 is the average I’ve found between local stores and online purchases. You can of course make your own, but that post is for another time. 😉

Cheese sticks

Cheese sticks are fun and kids always seem to gravitate towards them.

Price: I can find string cheese or cheese sticks at my local store for about $5.00 for a pack of 8, sometimes even 12!

Total Price Of This Home Run Snack: $17.00

That should be enough snacks to last you all season! Did you notice I stayed at or below $20 for each snack?? Pretty good if you’re on a budget. Coming up soon I’ll share the best drinks to buy for your kids after a game and how to know if they have too much sugar in them. Be sure to sign up for my e-mail subscription and never miss a post!

As always, enjoy life by making the sweetest lemonade out of the lemons life throws your way.🍋

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  1. Great read… Always struggling with this one and I love your ideas! On my way to the store now to stock up for game tonight! Thanks!

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