Today was like a circus show and I debuted as the acrobat trying to balance the tight rope while things were thrown at me. Some of the things thrown were good while some, well, some literally involved feces, just not that of a monkey 🙊

I realized on my way to drop Sam off at preschool that I had also planned a play date with some of his friends, and that I probably shouldn’t take him to school if his friends are coming over. I really wish I would have put that together when I was packing his lunch this morning. Or better yet last week when I for some reason scheduled a play date on a preschool day.

I took a one year old with me to sit through an hour-long play to support one of my bible study girls. Why didn’t I take the 7-year-old and leave the one year old at home? Gold fish were pretty much massacred underneath my chair by the time we left. I’m fairly certain Rori was purposefully headbutting me at one point. The play was great though.

I rushed home to get the boys for AWANA. Sam didn’t want to go so I hurriedly got them in the car to drop just Josh off. Done. On the way back to the house Sam changed his mind. I tried to be the easy-going mom here, so I turned around and took him. The only problem was in my hurry I had ignored the fact that Sam had an accident while at his Grandma’s. I’d figured I could change his outfit when we got home. So instead what ended up happening is I dropped off a 3-year-old to AWANA with wet pants. Just roll with it.

Once home from AWANA, Sam mentioned that he had an “emergency in his underwear”. I was naïve. I peaked inside to find both numbers one and two were the “emergencies”. Plus for some reason he tried to clean it up in the bathroom at the church by putting a ball of toilet paper in his underwear. Just for keeps I guess.

I threw away said underwear, then had to console the sad boy who “missed” his underwear.


The funny thing is I’m not mad, upset, or stressed about any of these. I mostly laughed them off and moved on. See, my day was also filled with great stuff too.

Women’s Bible Study was ah-mazing this morning. My hair did good things all day. I entertained some munchkins at my house all afternoon and they were so fun! I was in super cleaning mode so my house is looking purty.

And while the boys were at AWANA I got to catch up with my friend, who was very happy to have so many things to laugh at me about. She’ll especially love the “emergency underwear” story. Considering she’s the one who took the boys home for me….and that was in his pants in her car….I should probably tell her soon, like tomorrow.

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2 thoughts on “All.In.One.Single.Day”

  1. To save for later?! That’s hilarious!
    Tough day kid. God is good. And at least you got to laugh about it with a good friend!

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