Black Bean & Parsnip Chili


If you’ve been a parent for a few years, you are well-versed in the ancient Chinese secret of hiding vegetables in meals so your children will eat them. This black bean and parsnip chili is exactly that.

I absolutely love parsnips. My kids and husband do not. In fact, it wasn’t until the kids were in bed and we were closing the kitchen for the night that my husband commented, “adding potatoes to the chili was a really good idea babe.” A sly smirk much like the Grinch spread across my face as I washed dishes. He looked over, “okay, what did I just eat?” I don’t know why it makes me so happy, but the concept that I can occasionally trick my family into eating a healthier version of something or try something new without knowing it just makes my day.


When I told him, he was totally cool with it and pleasantly surprised that parsnips weren’t as gross as he thought they’d be. The kids still don’t know. I’m not quite ready to tell them. My oldest loved the chili so much he took it to school for lunch the next day. Even the baby loved it, although it was a hint spicy for her.

Why I Cook

Cooking is an incredible passion for me. I believe food was put on the earth to help us thrive, but not to be abused. We, especially in America, suffer from not knowing what to do when we have too much food accessible to us.  We tend to hoard, overeat, and fuel ourselves with processed food that has little to none nutrients.

More than 36% of Americans are considered overweight to the point of obesity. That’s crazy! The food that should sustain us is killing us because we have too much and don’t know how much we should actually be taking in. That’s why I started the “I Can Do This” program.

Whether someone is struggling with being overweight, thyroid issues, diabetes, maintaining weight or even just getting back to your healthy-self after a few stressful months, this program is your key to success.


Healthy Not Skinny

I make healthy food taste good. I am constantly coming up with new recipes and creative twist on classic meals. Our dietitian Alicia programs them into meal plans and portion sizes according to your personal goals. Sweetest Lemonade even provides printable grocery lists and a personal log book to help you track your success.

We are not a lose weight quick scheme. We are a program designed to give you the tools you need to find the healthiest version of yourself.

You tell us how much time you need to get there. It can take one month, two or even three to feel confident in your own abilities to be healthy. As you go through this program, we send you nutritional videos that give you the knowledge you need to understand what will work for you. From how much water to drink, to what a glycemic index is, you will know for yourself what you need to get victory.

If you’re not convinced this plan is for you, think about this. A nutrition meal plan made by a dietitian generally will cost you $300+ a month plus the fee for the initial consultation. We charge $390 for three months, and we program it for your whole family. Whaa…….? That means you don’t have to make 3 different meals each night  for dinner just so you can be healthy. What’s even more amazing is I specialize in kid-friendly food. I am a mom of 3 and would never make a dish my kids would hate. Hide veggies in them? Sure. Make my kids eat something that looks like it came from the compost? No.

So try out my recipes with your family and sign up for the “I Can Do This” program. You are worth it ❤

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