Swirly Cinnamon Rolls

Saturday, Saturday what a fun fun day! As a kid this song rang through the house accompanied with the smell of pancakes on the weekends. I grew up where time stood still. Saturdays were for cartoons and pancakes. Growing up took a long time and that was good. Imagination was key and my parents were full of it. We never lived extravagantly, eating out was considered something special. My brother loved “riding” the vacuum and hide and seek was the best regardless of the fact that we lived in a small farm house my parents remodeled. With only a handful of places to hide, the wonder of it all made it exciting.

I still get excited when I play with my kids. There is something healing about sharing a game or an imaginative story with the ones you love. I was out of town this past weekend and came home to a full day with the kids. We played board games, made sticker books and laughed about nonsense. Waking up to a homemade breakfast is the top, the best after a long week. I remember just the smell of pancakes could bring a smile to my face. I was the kid who always wanted to stay in bed “just 5 more minutes” and that was the trick to get me up. Ironically, I have child like that now and he is sooo hard to wake up in the mornings. Negotiations start at 7am in my house and are usually won over with a delicious breakfast or promises of a fun day after school is out. Thanks Mom, you were absolutely right when you said one I’d have a kid just like me. Sigh.

Cinnamon rolls are king of weekends around here. It used to be that something special in a tube I’d pick up at the store once in a while. Then we switched the way we ate and my family went without cinnamon rolls for longer than I’d like to confess. I tried some paleo and gluten free versions, but nothing quite tasted right. Holding together was hard too. I couldn’t get the doughs to stick together to even look like they should.

The Return Of The Swirly Cinnamon Roll

Yes, that’s a slight Star Wars reference. If you knew my husband, you’d know why I must do that once in a while. This year I went after the cinnamon roll. I did my research played around with different doughs and various ways to bake them. Finally, after much deliberation, I created something my whole family gladly calls cinnamon rolls. The kids love that they swirl correctly too. I guess that’s a thing.

Gluten free and using coconut sugar really makes these treats easier on the gut. They are still a treat and you won’t find us eating them every week, but at least they are back into the rotation.

Go play with your kids. Have an undignified round of hide and go seek that ends in some poor kid hiding in a pile of dirty laundry for 15 minutes before you find them. Just me? I don’t believe that for a second. Make the weekends great and bake some homemade cinnamon rolls. To make life easier, I linked the specialty ingredients in the recipe. It will take you to Amazon where you can order what you need directly. I receive a small percentage of sales made to Amazon through my website. [amd-zlrecipe-recipe:121]

Fall For Pop Tarts

It’s early, so early the sun isn’t up yet. You start your morning routine thankful the weather is finally cooling off. The mind starts turning on as the coffee brews. Those precious moments a mom gets to herself before the children wake. A glance at the calendar to remind yourself of the day’s activities. Reality sets in and the coffee mug rests on the counter. Lunches need to be made. Breakfast eaten. Kids dressed. Hair done. Shoes on. Back packs loaded. What could possibly make the morning run gracefully? Is there time to be gained?


There are so many tips and tricks to making mornings enjoyable in the midst of craziness. One of my favorites is quick breakfasts. The catch is finding easy, fast food that remains healthy and nutritious. Ah, there’s the rub. Pop tarts are a great example. While they are fast, yummy and easy to feed kids – healthy they are not. I refuse to buy into the lie that making healthy food takes too long or is much more expensive. So, once again, I got creative. 😉

Let’s re-think healthy. I made these pop tarts in less than 30 minutes on my meal prep day. While they were baking I finished up a few other meal prep items like grilling chicken and making brown rice for the week. By the way, if you’re not meal prepping- start! Read up about why meal prepping saves lives here.

I put the pop tarts in the freezer along with some homemade popsicles (I’m sooo posting that recipe soon) and boom. They were ready for the week.

What’s incredible about this recipe is how easy they are to “pop” into the toaster and serve. Full disclosure: I had 1 out of the 8 pop tarts get a little stuck in the toaster. So that’s always a possibility. You might notice there isn’t frosting on top of these. Good observation! If I were to put frosting on them, the sugar amount would be very high and I wouldn’t really count these as a healthy breakfast option, more of a dessert. If you want to put some frosting on, use the one from my perfect white cake recipe. Add some sprinkles too!

I made these with a cinnamon apple filling, and that’s what you’ll find in the recipe. However, I have also tried a mango cream and a strawberry mint filling. I need to make those a couple more times before their perfect, but rest assured I’ll update this post as soon as they’re done. The cinnamon apple was my kids’ favorite flavor by far and that’s why I stuck with this one for the recipe. I hope these make your mornings a breeze! Let me know how they turn out, I love hearing from the Sweetest Lemonade community. 🍋


Pomegranate Blueberry Overnight Oats

I’ll be the first to admit it. As a kid, oatmeal was not exactly on my request list for breakfast. Ever. If my mom made it, I ate it. That was it. Now as an adult and mom, it’s fun to get creative and find ways to make healthy food taste good. Oats are amazing for our bodies and a great filler when headed out for a big day. I now have 3 different ways my kids enjoy -that’s right enjoy- oatmeal.

Coconut Sugar & Raisins

A classic way to eat oatmeal is warm with brown sugar, butter and raisins. We change it up a bit by sprinkling coconut sugar and raising over our oats. We skip the butter entirely. Also, we cook them with water, not milk. This is because dairy broke up with me a couple years ago, and also because it’s not needed with a dish like this. When eating oatmeal, you won’t be leaving the table hungry wishing you had added a fatty ingredient to it. Trust me.

Apple Pie Overnight Oats

We add this to our meal prep at least once a month. I simply line up 4-6 jars, add the ingredients and shake! The jars go in the fridge overnight and are ready to go in the morning. Our family likes them cold or warm; pretty much whatever we have time for. This one’s great if you need to eat on the go like my husband does. He grabs it and runs out the door anywhere from 5-6am with a couple hard-boiled eggs. Perfect combo! Click here for the full recipe.

Pomegranate Blueberry Overnight Oats

Now for the newest creation in the Metzger house. This recipe features Skylake Ranch Pomegranate syrup. Believe it or not, pomegranate syrup has less sugar per serving than maple syrup does. Our whole house loves anything pomegranate or blueberry so this dish is a win-win. I added flaxseed and chia seed to really up the nutrition game for this meal. I’m a huge believer that breakfast really is the most important meal of the day, so start strong!


Banana Pecan Muffins

“Mom – she touched me!”

“Well he wouldn’t stop looking at me!”

“That’s because you won’t play with me.”

“I don’t wanna play with you. I’m not a baby anymore!”

“Mom – she called me a baby!”

Crying. Whining. Yelling. Don’t forget the fiery darts coming out of your child’s eyes.

If only whining could be neutralized. Will there ever be a cure?!?

I know what you truly want for Mother’s Day. It’s not breakfast in bed or a bouquet of roses. None of those little coupons promising dishes will be done for a week. You don’t want jewelry either. Okay, I should say you don’t want just jewelry. Sweetest Moms Tip: Don’t ever say no to jewelry.

What you really want is for your children to get along. To stop whining, nagging, tattling and everything else in between.

People, I’ve figured it out. It’s not a séance or new video game that teaches manners either.

There is something you should know. This recipe will calm your kids down. Mellow them out. Create a peaceful environment where everyone can hear themselves think. Can you picture it? I’m still in the stage of not being able to use the bathroom by myself- so you can imagine why I created this recipe.

The Trick

Muffins are a friendly enough food to kids at any age. From toddler to teen, a muffin is a welcome sight.

I’ve disguised these muffins to appear normal, slightly sweet & delicious. Kids will ever know your plan to keep them calm for an afternoon.

Cardamom is a natural anti-depressant and helps reduce muscle spasms. It’s also used for heart issues and stomach pains. Bottom line, by using this spice, you are taking care of multiple things that can make kids cranky. Have you ever experienced the horrors that come with a child having growing pains? Not fun. Or he ate too much at lunch and now everything is making him angry due to gas or a bloated stomach? My son has actually come home sick from school only to find the problem was an upset stomach from lunch time.

Cloves will surprise you. I use ground cloves quite often. Did you know cloves are an amazing remedy for headaches? So whether the whining is causing a headache or the result of one, cloves are important for calming the situation.

Pecans have a wealth of vitamins and nutrients. Possibly lesser known is that nuts have been proven to lower anxiety. No matter what started the whining sound, a lower amount of anxiety will definitely help!

Bananas are simply the best. The can level out your metabolism and be the perfect go-to snack when you’re on the run as a typical banana is only 90 calories. They are high in potassium and have natural occurring sugars in them.


So give yourself a treat, make some muffins and put the whole family in a better state of mind. This will be the best Mother’s Day yet! 😉

I am siting Organic Facts for the information listed above about spices and foods.[amd-zlrecipe-recipe:85]


Apple Pie Overnight Oats

“I don’t know how you do it. How do you even eat without meal prepping??” These are the thoughts I have when I run into people who don’t plan their grocery trips, dinners, or even meal prep. It makes zero sense to me.

I do vaguely remember those days myself. Unfortunately, I was a young adult with no knowledge about real food. I ate what commercials told me to and bought what looked easy. I’m pretty sure I’d slap myself in the face if I were to meet myself from 5+ years ago. Buying liters of soda, frozen pizzas and those “complete meals” that come in a box. Taco Bell happened weekly if not more often and the only things I made from scratch were chocolate chip cookies.

It is my mission to educate people about what real food tastes like, looks like and most importantly- how easy it is to make!

Apple Pie Overnight Oats are the perfect example. Easy, fast, and cheap. Made with real food that will fill you up and get you ready for your day. I like to make 4-6 of these on a Sunday night and throw them in the fridge for the rest of the week. That combined with hard-boiling some eggs and you’ve got yourself a well-balanced real food breakfast!

Need some mason jars? I found these 👇for a really good price. They come out to $1.16 a jar. I can’t find that price ANYWHERE!! The link is below for anyone looking for a great deal!

I timed myself making these last week. Guess how long it took to make 4 overnight oats?? 3 minutes! That’s it!!

Meal prep saved my life in so many ways and I want to help you discover the beauty of it too. Whether you work fulltime or are a stay at home parent, you do have time to eat well. You are worth putting the right food into you!!

Coming Soon

We at Sweetest Lemonade value healthy living. Finding what’s healthy for you and creating a way to make it sustainable for the rest of your life! That’s why we are adding a new section in JUST FOR MEAL PREPPING! If you have doubts about how to live a healthy lifestyle, join us in our Sustainable Meal Prep Group Page. We are forming a community of people who can help with recipe ideas, organizing, time management and what products help us the most.

See you there, we can’t wait to get to know everyone!

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Easy Paleo Carrot Cake Muffins

I’m in love. You need these Carrot Cake Muffins. I was going to call them “stupid easy”, but thought better of it. I’d feel so bad if you made these and your oven went out mid-baking only to leave you thinking you couldn’t make the “stupid easy” muffins.

Why are they so easy you ask? I took out the hard stuff. Didn’t see that coming did you?

First, instead of tediously grating the carrots, put them in a blender or food processor! You can use whole carrots or baby carrots. Baby carrots are better because you don’t even have to peel them. I measured out 2 cups of baby carrots, tossed them in my blender and then pulsed a few times to get them all the same little size.

These blend into the perfect minced pieces!

Second, once you’ve blended the carrots-that’s the only extra step! The rest is smooth sailing. Mix the rest of your muffin batter in a large bowl with a wooden or rubber spatula.


Place your choice of cute muffin liners in a muffin pan and then pour the batter into them. I filled mine about 3/4 full and this recipe made 12 very moist muffins.

If you want to go the extra mile, I included a light maple cream cheese frosting. It turns this healthy breakfast option into an indulgent tea time.

These freeze really well too, so if you like to meal prep, try baking a dozen of these and grabbing them in the morning with a hard boiled egg for a delicious on the go meal.

The Secret Ingredient

I’m excited to share my secret to making these muffins so moist. I use Beber Almond Milk. These guys are the next big thing in Northern California. Fresh, no additives and a variety of flavors has made this company flourish in a short amount of time. Check out their list of stores and Farmers Markets where you can find them!


Did I mention my almost 2-year old is crazy for these?? She could eat these all day. If you have littles at home this is a great way to get some veggies in to start their morning!