Grain Free Tortillas

Being an introvert is like being a tortilla. We look simple and straight forward, but really we are deep and complex. Plus, we somehow end up holding everything together in this great big burrito world. Don’t worry, I really am going somewhere here.

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Beet Salad With Pomegranate Vinaigrette Dressing

“Just beet it, beet it, beet it!” This summer beet salad has me singing at top of my lungs like no one’s listening. In reality, my kids are looking at me like I’m some strange weirdo. I guess they don’t appreciate Michael Jackson parodies like I do.

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Penne Pasta Salad

Fourth of July is on it’s way. Fireworks, sparklers, BBQ’s, and swimming pools. Sunscreen melting into my skin and flip flops slapping beneath my feet. Beach balls that inevitably get holes in them and watermelon slices by the dozen. That’s no exaggeration either. My whole family is crazy for watermelon and we eat it the way one eats popcorn in the movie theater. Somehow it all disappears without anyone wanting to acknowledge how. Penne pasta salad disappears almost as fast.

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Dairy Free Potato Salad

This recipe has been stuck in my brain for a long time now. Sometimes getting an idea from my head to paper and then to reality is the hardest part. I like to think it will be easy, but in a lot of ways creating a recipe is like designing something I haven’t seen before. Creating out of nothing. Looking at raw potatoes and telling them one day they’ll look like a delicious side dish everyone will rave about. I realize that sentence sounds like I talk to my food. Perhaps I shared too much. Dairy Free Potato Salad is something I’m very proud of, even if it did mean talking to a few potatoes to get there.

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Divine Maple Roasted Carrots

Teaching my kids to love vegetables has brought me to new levels of insight. I understand so much more about the perfect pairings and the right sides with main dishes. This time, the flavor wasn’t the issue. Or what I paired it with. Not even the color cause a hold-up with these rainbow carrots. When I wanted to make this Divine Maple Roasted Carrot dish, I had one problem. Half of my family eats carrots raw. The other half only enjoys them steamed, aka soft.

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Herb Deviled Eggs

Spring has sprung and Easter is nearly here. I’ve officially allowed my boys to wear shorts all week and they couldn’t be happier. The back yard has been cleaned up and freshly mowed. We even had our first BBQ of the season this week. I’m suddenly very aware of my pasty skin and trying to get a head start on some sunshine to remedy the horror of being a California girl without a tan.

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Cucumber Goat Cheese Crackers

Feelin’ fancy? This recipe brings out the “pinky up” in me. From the creative ways you can slice your cucumber to the piping of the goat cheese spread, these little bites are truly decadent. I had a friend over who knew way more in the cucumber slicing department than I did. She showed me 3 different stylings for the edges of these little green machines.

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Gluten Free French Bread

Something about bread makes me happy. The smell of sourdough alone gets me all giddy inside. I don’t know if it’s something I learned or if everyone else feels this way. Do you love bread?  Continue reading Gluten Free French Bread

The Perfect Appetizer: Baked Brie

When asked to bring something to a party, or the next family get together, this dish is it. Fool your friends into thinking you slaved in the kitchen for hours. Let grandma feel like you’re a chip off the ol’ block when it comes to baking. Baked brie allows for all these glorious thoughts to be doted upon you.

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Pomegranate Balsamic Mustard Dipping Sauce

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