Cha-ching Chocolate Chip Muffins


Kid- “Mom, can you please make some muffins?”

Mom- “Ya, maybe sometime this week okay?”

Kid- “Okay, and can you make sure they taste like the store kind? I don’t like the homemade ones.”

Mom- “……uh sure thing…..”


My own dialog is sounding the panic alarm.

Keep calm, don’t get into a huge rant with your 5 year-old about why store bought muffins aren’t good for you. Deep breaths. He doesn’t mean he didn’t like your last batch of muffins, but that is what he’s implying. Wait-is he really implying anything? He’s 5. He just wants a muffin. You can do this. Go in there and make the best muffins any kid or store has ever seen.

That concludes today’s pep talk. All in about 15 seconds.

As a mom, our kids can go from our biggest cheerleaders to our biggest critics roughly 500x a day. Keeping my calm in those (many) moments is a huge part of parenting that no one told me about before I had kids. It was one of those jump in and learn how to swim moments.

Learning To Swim

I’m used to having bosses or clients give me constructive feedback on my work. But my kids? They are my soft spot. If I pour my heart out in the form of a baked good and they disapprove, this mama has a hard time dealing. So, you can imagine the knife I pulled out of my back when my sweet 5 year-old told me his thoughts on my muffins.

Luckily, I listened to my own pep talk and came out of this one head held high. I made my son some muffins, tweaking my blueberry muffin recipe and came out with these beauties.

Not only did they receive 4 “mmmm” sounds from my kids (which is our highest ranking) but I had 3 friends comment on being surprised they were gluten free and had no refine sugar in them. 

Ta Da

Go ahead, bake these for your sticky-fingered audience and see what the results are. Maybe you’ll even get an extra thank you hug😉


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