cherry lime popsicles

Cherry Lime Popsicles


I had this thought. What if everything we are trying so hard to reach isn’t as important as what we can touch right here, right now? Perhaps our goals become distractions keeping us from the real gem staring in front of us, begging for a cherry lime popsicle promising not to get sticky-again.
cherry lime popsiclesParenting has taught me so much these last ten years, but just as I start to grasp some certainty, the balance shifts. In seasons of mess making and lego building, I’ve found comfort in knowing the race isn’t in getting them to the best college or ensuring they have every opportunity to succeed. Succeeding is this funny word that has changed with each new generation. I see succeeding as reading mystery books late in to the night with the flashlight under the covers. Finally being old enough to ride your bike to school. Learning how to make your bed on your own without any help from mom or dad. Spending an hour on a drawing you thought of entirely from your own imagination. And yes, eating a popsicle without getting so sticky you have to take a bath immediately after. cherry lime popsicles
I have goals. Big ones. Ones that include my whole family all the way down to the three year old who prefers bananas for every meal and is obsessed with her polka dot dress to the extent I have to hide it to get her to wear anything else. No seriously, I did it 4 times this week.cherry lime popsicles
The point of a goal is to reach for it, make decisions that can get more doors open in the right direction. Not to miss what’s happening in life around you. It’s equally important to pause from the hustle, collapse onto the floor and be with the ones you love. I’ll be honest, some days my kids don’t even want me to build legos with them, but to just sit and listen to them tell me about their epic battle they’re staging or the newest level of Donkey Kong they mastered. Other days they just want my attention, if only to sit with them and snuggle without needing to get up in 10 minutes to get the dishes done.
So keep reaching for your goals, keep holding your littles tight, and make the sticky popsicles. Especially these cherry lime popsicles. They are always worth it.

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