Chocolate Peanut Butter Mousse Pie


Yes, this is just as decadent as it sounds. Yes, your friends will fall in love with you all over again if you make it for them. Yes, I still have some hidden in my freezer for those ” I gotta get some sweet right now” moments. If you come over asking for some though, I may deny that I have any left. Fair warning.

A peanut butter chocolate pie is one of my husband’s favorites. I always make it for his birthday, but up until now I didn’t have a healthy tasty version of it.

The crust with the chocolate layer, before the filling is added.
The crust with the chocolate layer, before the filling is added.

I love the creamy-ness of this pie. It is smooth as a …. to cliche? Sorry. Anyways, the pie is great. I magically transformed my graham cracker recipe into a graham cracker crust and used it for this pie. I also tried using two different kinds of chocolate for the chocolate curls on top. They didn’t taste all that different though, just gave a nice appearance.

I love chocolate curls!

So if you love chocolate peanut butter pie and wish you could still eat since you decided to be healthy and everything, then this recipe saves the day!

P.S.- This recipe is not strict paleo, due to the use of gluten free oat flour. Just so ya know 😏

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