Coconut Lime Cheesecake


There is a still place in my house. It’s not a location, like some sort of secret closet or reading nook of mine. It’s a point in time. I rise before the sun to see it, and feel it. I get excited for it as I close my eyes each night, thinking about how decadent that moment will be. To be alone is a treasure in my life. It’s not common or the norm, but it’s none the less a treasure. Meant to be enjoyed in the stillness. I hear the creeks and groans of my little house, the hum of my coffee maker and the tiny buzz of flies that snuck through the ever-opening back door my children zoom through each day.

The decadent, meaningful pieces of my life remind me of this recipe we’re talking about today. It’s not always about the loud and proud showstoppers, but the sweet, small treasures in life that stick out more than the rest. Like a soft whisper that can be heard over the roar of a crowd. I created this recipe with summer in mind. Thinking of the flavors of summer, and the places I want to eat this cheesecake. Silly, I know, but food is often attached to memory makers. Like the quesadilla burgers we made for Thad’s birthday party one year as a joke. They turned out to be insanely good. So good, we’ve made them many times over since. Or the time we went to Oregon to clam hunt and brought back enough to make and can homemade clam chowder. That was still one of the best clam chowders I’ve ever had. I loved roaming the cold beaches with the kids, searching for the right sized bubble in the sand leading us to clams.

My 4-year-old who climbed the table just to get as close as possible to that slice of cheesecake.

Today, I am honored to present this Coconut Lime Cheesecake. A simple treasure made from the best ingredients. I used my gluten free graham cracker recipe to make the crust, about half a batch is perfect. I baked that in my spring form pan and let it cool a few minutes while I moved on to the filling.

Gina Marie from Sierra Nevada Cheese. Honestly, the best cream cheese I’ve ever tasted.

Next I filled my mixer with two packages of Sierra Nevada’s Cream Cheese. I watched as it became fluffy, then added in the honey and coconut milk. Once incorporated, I added the eggs one a time followed by the lime juice. Being sure to scrape down the sides in between pouring, I then added the coconut flakes and mixed for another minute until it was al the same consistency.

Pouring the filling in and then baking the cheesecake for 40 minutes with very impatient children who could smell the cheesecake throughout the whole house was task all in itself.

Once finished, we let it cool before digging in. Rori was so excited to grab a bite, she literally climbed up onto the table!


May this recipe bring you as much joy as four-year-old sneaking up on her dessert. We tested this recipe without the honey, and it worked perfectly if you are wanting a less sweet option.

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