Completely From Scratch Cranberry Sauce


Thanksgiving is just around the corner and I’m head over heels excited for it. Somehow my best moments in life have revolved around eating with friends and family. It’s very much what my life looks like on a daily basis. People are always coming over to eat and talk. Good food, real conversations about life’s ups and downs. Sometimes my friends will even follow me into the kitchen while I clean up or set up to continue talking. I love it.

November is a time to really dive into the year that’s passed and look to what we can be grateful for. Lately I’ve been reflecting on the gift of watching your children grow into good humans. My three are constantly astounding me with their caring hearts and drive to find ways to help others. Just the other day my oldest was at his grandpa’s and when I came to pick him up he was raking the leaves off the front lawn. Not for pay or even because Grandpa asked, but just because he wanted to.

Grace, the art of giving without wanting anything in return. Giving when no one is asking for it. Giving from the heart.

This year we’ll be volunteering at the Jesus Center for Thanksgiving. Not because it’s the right thing to do, but because my son asked us if we could. I’m practicing following his lead on things like this. It’s so powerful to watch your little ones grow into people you admire.

Now I’ve successfully talked about everything but this cranberry sauce. It’s incredible. Not as incredible as my kids, but- you know😉

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