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Potty training. A stage that can cause us moms to feel like superheroes, or to an extra glass of wine before bedtime. 🙄🍷

I think we can all agree that while none of us have the only answer, we can share what’s worked for our kids. Some of us have tried everything under the sun. What we really need is a mom friend who’s been there and can shed some light on the subject. We all know potty training is possible- I mean you got potty trained somehow, right?? So take a moment to get some coffee and sit with us. I asked our amazing mommas from the Sweetest Lemonade community to weigh in and give us some advice. They had some great tips and tricks, some I’ve never even thought of!

Advice From The Sweetest Mommas


“Cheerios make great floating and flushable targets for boys when they begin standing.” -Kari C.

How funny and clever is this idea??!? Having two boys myself, I can assure you this momma knows her stuff. Boys love to shoot and will turn anything into a target. 😂😂Kari has 3 children, ages 18, 15 & 6.

“The best reward for “trying” is a little bit of juice or Kool Aid. It leads to more practice!” -Sue D.

Practice is definitely key when potty training. We all know how much kids love rewards too. Great idea Sue! This sweet momma just so happens to by my mom! She has me, age 29 and my little brother who’s 26. Thanks for being the best mom in more ways than just potty training. ❤

“My daughter loved princesses so when she had a good week of potty training she got to call a princess! (A relative) and tell the princess how her week was! She loved it! Also I never wasted $$$ on pull ups…I would pre-fasten a diaper and slip it inside the underwear and have them step into it just like it was just underwear…I told them they were bed time undies or bye bye undies.” -Jennifer M.

Jennifer really has our heart with saving money and including family members to get the job done. It really does take a village and we love that Jennifer is part of this one! Jennifer has 2 boys and a girl, ages 14, 12 & 10.

Free Printables

“I always had a sticker reward chart. Easy to track and we went during summertime so bare bottom or without undies (and only a dress or just shorts) made it easier and faster when we had to go.” -Candice P.

Sticker charts are magical when teaching little ones new skills. In fact, they are so helpful we linked some free printables just for you! I love this site because they have stickers to print off with the charts too. Click the picture below to take you to tons of options for sticker charts. Find something your little one will love! Fantastic advice Candice. This smart momma has 4 kiddos, ages 11, 9, and 4 year-old twins.

Products We Love

“Consistency, consistency, consistency! Prepare to spend the first few days at home. I used a reward system for using the potty at first, double reward for pooping. That was hard for us at first. I also kept a potty in the living room for convenience. My kiddos didn’t like being away from the action, so this was helpful. I’d slowly move it closer to the bathroom to phase out. We used big boy/big girl panties as an incentive. At first every request to go potty was taken seriously and handled promptly. Especially when around the town.” -Nicole K.

Potty training is a commitment for sure. Sometimes you need to take the potty with you everywhere. Here’s one you’ll love for “on-the-go” training. 😉 Nicole is a brilliant momma to 3 kids, ages 9 and 6 year-old twins.


“I really liked the book Diaper Free Before 3. It worked amazingly for both of my boys who we had potty trained soon after 2.” -Sarah T.

I’m one of those moms who will research the best tips for whatever my kids are going through. Sarah, you must be too! Sarah has two boys, ages 7 & 5. Thanks for the hot tip friend!

Read The book Little blue little yellow…. and then put blue food coloring in the toilet and when they potty it turns the water green ” -Dawna P.

What a creative idea!! Dawna has been a preschool teacher for over 12 years and knows what she’s talking about. Grab the book for only $5 and start potty training!

“Let them drink absolutely anything they want, then set the timer for every 20 min – after that you pray for patience.” -@stokercharlie

Timers have helped me as a parent in so many ways, and here’s one more! If you’re new to the world of timers, here’s one we love. It’s cheap, simple and gets the job done. Prayer and patience are a definite must when potty training too. @stokercharlie has three kids, ages 8, 4 & 2. She’s currently potty training her youngest. Good luck momma!

I want to thank our Sweetest Lemonade Moms who took a moment to share their expert advice! We need each other to get through these ages & stages!! Do you have thoughts that will help our sweet mommas become the conductor of the potty train?🚂 Share them in the comments!

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