Cranberry Balsamic Green Beans


It can be a real struggle to think of a recipe everyone in your house will love. To be honest, I have a harder time caring about what others want when it comes to food. Do you do that too? I don’t want to constantly try to please 5 different taste buds. Not to mention when we have company!

I think secretly I just want everyone to adhere to what I like to eat. Life would be so much easier! I could cook my favorite dishes, and the kids would all say thank you and maybe even offer to do the clean up. While my kids are great about helping around the house, we are not quite to that stage of parenting. Having your child volunteer to help around the house? That’s the dream!

I digress. These green beans may not have won the hearts of my 4 and almost 2-year old, but the rest of us loved them! I know Sam and Rori will come around. They just don’t like so many flavors thrown into one meal. It says a lot about this dish that my 8-year old loved them though. I’m sure there are plenty of you moms out there who would love to have some veggie recipes your kids request over and over. That’s the dream too.

Pin this, share it, whatever you need to do to get the ingredients to your grocery list.

What I love about these flavorful green beans is how simple it makes the rest of your meal. Pair this with grilled chicken and red steamed potatoes. Or try my honey sesame pork chops over a bed of brown rice with these veggies. Not only will you have a complete meal, but a quick one too. Making real food doesn’t have to take hours, and no one really has that extra time either.

I’d much rather spend my time reading with the kids or finishing up the dishes for the evening than slaving over the stove. Not to mention the horror of what happens when dinner takes too long and you have “hangry” kiddos. That’s the worst. I’m not much better than the kids so when this mom gets “hangry” I find myself much more snappy.

Do yourself a favor and make these green beans. Sit down to a nice family dinner and look at the wonderful family you have. People are a gift. Enjoy them and enjoy this side dish!

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