creamy granola popsicles

Creamy Granola Popsicles


Sometimes I feel like Olaf from the cartoon “Frozen”. I love warm hugs and summer! To me, summer is lounging around in tank tops, sun bathing and oversized hats. My kids are the same way, except they prefer summer with popsicles in hand the sprinklers on in the backyard. To them, that’s summer. I can’t say I disagree one bit.

Creamy Granola Popsicles

The heat of summer can be brutal if you don’t know how to accessorize properly. We lotion up in sunscreen right around 10am and keep doing so every few hours. Then we grab our favorite sprinkler toys, sunglasses and flip flops. Last, I pop out some homemade popsicles to keep us jumping for joy and give us a little energy boost. If you’re unsure you’ve read this correctly, allow me to clarify. Yes, we eat popsicles at 10am. You would too if they were Creamy Granola Popsicles. I mean. They’re practically breakfast on a stick.creamy granola popsicles
With Paleonola’s Blueberry Cinnamon granola mixed with a little maple syrup and your choice of Greek yogurt or almond milk yogurt on top, these babies are perfect any time of day.creamy granola popsicles

I use these popsicles molds because they are durable and make beautiful popsicles! I’ve had mine for a year and a half now. It’s been use countless times and hasn’t warped or bent at all. Such a great investment!

Simply follow the directions below, freeze, and voila! The perfect summer treat.creamy granola popsicles

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