cucumber goat cheese

Cucumber Goat Cheese Crackers


Feelin’ fancy? This recipe brings out the “pinky up” in me. From the creative ways you can slice your cucumber to the piping of the goat cheese spread, these little bites are truly decadent. I had a friend over who knew way more in the cucumber slicing department than I did. She showed me 3 different stylings for the edges of these little green machines.

cucumber goat cheese
Take A Fork

With a potato peeler and a fork, the world is at your fingertips. Or, at least the world of patterns on vegetables. Try peeling in strips, leaving pieces of the cucumber peel spaced apart for a color contrast of the dark and light green. Another way to get crazy is to use your fork to edge some crisscross patterns on the peel of the cucumber. Some people prefer no peel as all, and that’s fine too.cucumber goat cheese
When mixing the goat cheese, I used a stiff rubber spatula and a medium bowl for optimal blending. The cheese will turn slightly pink in color, which compliments the parsley and cucumber beautifully. Once you have that light pink color, transfer the spread into a piping bag. Top the cucumber crackers with the goat cheese, and serve on a platter. cucumber goat cheese
My friends think I’m some kind of master chef who must have trained in Paris when I make these. The secret’s in the ingredients, and the presentation. So don’t spill the beans, let your friends think so highly of you too!cucumber goat cheese

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