dairy free potato salad

Dairy Free Potato Salad


This recipe has been stuck in my brain for a long time now. Sometimes getting an idea from my head to paper and then to reality is the hardest part. I like to think it will be easy, but in a lot of ways creating a recipe is like designing something I haven’t seen before. Creating out of nothing. Looking at raw potatoes and telling them one day they’ll look like a delicious side dish everyone will rave about. I realize that sentence sounds like I talk to my food. Perhaps I shared too much. Dairy Free Potato Salad is something I’m very proud of, even if it did mean talking to a few potatoes to get there.

dairy free potato salad

From Potato To Salad

What constitutes a dish to be a salad? A certain quota of vegetables per bite? Does every salad need dressing? In the realm of salads, there aren’t many rules at all. Which is pretty freeing when you think about it. My children ate “salad” but in reality it had enough ingredients and a balance of carbs, protein & veggies that if that’s all they ate off their plate I was perfectly fine with that. Don’t tell them though. This mama doesn’t want all her secrets revealed.dairy free potato salad

Thaddeus says this is the best potato salad he’s ever eaten. High praise from a man who has likely eaten every potato salad offered to him. He loves potato salads. So do my kids. The expectations were pretty high and I knew right off the bat this dish wasn’t going to taste just like the one they’re used to that comes to family BBQs from the store.dairy free potato salad

Try it out. In fact, I suggest you make this with my marinated tri tip and lavender lemonade for a relaxed evening outside, enjoying one another’s company. Let the kids play until the sun goes down and talk about summer vacations you’d like to take.

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