Easy Gluten Free Sugar Cookies


Two years ago I wanted to do something sweet for my kids’ teachers. It was Christmas time and I thought instead of getting them a gift card or cheesy ornament stating “world’s best teacher”, I’d make them some incredibly fancy sugar cookies. I used my favorite online recipe and poured hours into decorating them until they were just right.

Packaged with care, these cookies looked amazing. I followed this recipe and made the cookies exactly like these.I delivered them in the morning to the second grade teacher and the preschool staff. What a great day! A few days before Christmas and I was actually on top of it. Sam wasn’t at preschool that day so he came home with me. He glanced over at the few left over cookies and asked like any 3 year-old would, “Can I please has a cookie Momma?” I melted and at 9am allowed him to have a cookie. Funny thing is, he spit it out! His face looked like that one time we gave him lemon wedges.

I hadn’t eaten any cookies, something I was really happy about because these weren’t gluten or dairy free. But the look on my son’s face made me a little nervous. He’s not one to typically spit out cookies- ya know? So I picked up a cookie and tried it.😖😬😱

Do you know what I made for those wonderful teachers? Not sugar cookies. I made salt cookies. 

That’s most definitely what my face looked like. Then it hit me. Not only did I just eat the worst thing ever to come out of my kitchen, but I’d given them away as gifts!! I grabbed my phone and called the preschool. Too late. One of the teachers had already tried them and warned the other teachers not to eat them. I then tried reaching the second grade teacher and luckily got ahold of him before he tried them. He had a good laugh listening to me explain what happened.

So how in the world did I mix up sugar and salt you might be wondering? It’s simple really. I buy most of my food in bulk and transfer them into cute glass jars with sealable lids. This hasn’t been a problem before, but the salt was still in a bag from the store, and hadn’t been added to the jar yet. To make matters worse, there was a lot of salt because I was going to make homemade play dough with the kids that week. I assumed a big bag of white granules would only be sugar, and didn’t think twice about it.

Fast forward to two years later, and I’m scared to make sugar cookies!! I’ve wanted to create a delicious gluten free sugar cookie for the holidays, but been to afraid I’d mess it up again. Last week I faced my fears and created these.Cute right? I figured out the right balance of gluten free flours and made these with less butter than most recipes I found. I’ve faced my fears. What are yours? Remember that fears do you no good. They only hold you back from forward motion. Something I’ve been learning lately is just how crucial our mistakes are. They teach us and if nothing else, give us something to laugh about. Maybe I’ll even make some snow globe cookies for the teachers with this recipe for Christmas.

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