Finder’s Keepers Pancakes


These pancakes will not last very long in your house. In fact, the joke in my house is if these get left out after breakfast, then whoever finds them keeps them. And by keeps I mean eats.

I’ve been a little selfish lately. I have made these well over 5 times and still haven’t had the decency to share them with you. I’m sorry. Still friends?

Come Over For Brunch

I’ll cook the pancakes to make up for it. My oldest, who’s got a reputation for wanting brand name store bought food whenever possible, eats these. Over the weekend he had 4. Then he asked for more. I had to hold him back because his brother and sister hadn’t had any yet! My husband looked at them and said, “Can we eat these?” Meaning, they looked too much like real pancakes for them to possibly be healthy.😂

My oldest made his own batch all by himself!
My oldest made his own batch all by himself!

These are the real deal. I usually make them and try to save left overs in the freezer, if I’m quick enough! We are firm believers in real food in our house. So my kids enjoy real pure maple syrup on their pancakes. It’s heavenly. You don’t need much for that sweet stuff to soak into the pancakes and melt in your mouth.

They don’t always work together so well, but this was a really good day.
  • These are not paleo because of the brown rice flour. I know they aren’t listed as paleo, but I just like to be extra clear.😄

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