Gluten Free French Bread


Something about bread makes me happy. The smell of sourdough alone gets me all giddy inside. I don’t know if it’s something I learned or if everyone else feels this way. Do you love bread? 

gluten free french breadA few years back I discovered that by staying away from bread, my gut literally deflated. I mean, it was crazy. As if there had been a balloon in there the whole time. Now to be clear, I’m not talking about Celiac Disease. Simply the fact that bread had somehow caused either inflammation or bloating. I cut it out for several months and then tried gluten free breads. Magic. Having a slice of gluten free bread didn’t “inflate” me. The only problem is, the gluten free bread around be tasted more like a dried up sponge than real bread.gluten free french bread

I decided to go without the gluten free bread and only eat it when needed, which had amounted to about 1-2 times a month. Now that I’m making so many recipes, I’ve found ways around gluten free bread for just about everything.

Then It Hit Me

I got to thinking, what if I make my own gluten free bread and it didn’t taste like a dried up sponge? The idea intrigued me so I started experimenting.

My first endeavor was a French loaf. Mostly because I miss eating French bread. I just love that I can be honest with you.gluten free french bread

It baked to perfection but the flavor was lacking at first. Then on the second attempt the flavor was much better! I advise making the French bread as a loaf for full flavor, and a baguette shape if you don’t mind a slightly more dense bread. The dough becomes dense simply because of the added flour needed to knead and shape it. I prefer a lighter bread so the loaf batch was perfect for me.

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