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Gluten Free Rainbow Cake


I always imagined the sort of people who make beautiful cakes like this gluten free rainbow cake must have paparazzi following them around all day. Talent like this? Surely everyone is trying to get a snap of her in her real life. Well I made this cake. Not once, but MANY times to get it just right for y’all. Do you think I have people trying to get my attention all day?

Absolutely I do. They are called offspring. Reality check. The only people following me around all day are my little ones. They definitely want my attention, but they also want this cake!rainbow cake

Hands up if you’ve ever felt like your kids just want you to be a free vending machine? They press your buttons all day just hoping you’ll feed them on repeat. And 9 times out of 10 it works.

rainbow cake

On the plus side they do try to take my picture, but that’s only when they are upset I uninstalled all their games on my phone. So now they just take pictures and try to make silly faces on snapchat. First world problems. rainbow cake

Now about this cake. It’s tricky. I won’t lie to you. Every article I read about how to make a rainbow cake never gave the real directions. I think this might be some top secret us recipe developers aren’t supposed to share. But I am. I’m a rebel like that. So listen up, this may be the only time you find out how to make a rainbow cake.

Rainbow Cake: It’s All In The Layers

First, I want you to think about all the colors in a rainbow. ROYGBV right?? Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple (or violet). Now go back and look at my cake. See what I did?

I made an orange-yellow layer as one, knowing the colors would bleed slightly and give the appearance of both colors.

That brought the layers down to 5, which worked perfectly for my perfect white gluten free cake batter.

After making the cake, I separated the batter into 5 jars equaling roughly 1 cup of batter per jar. You’ll notice I have six colors in the photo below. That was one of the first batches. The yellow and orange ended up blurring together anyways, so save yourself a step.

rainbow cake

Rainbow Colors

Use these food gels. Normal ones won’t cut it for this recipe. You want bright colors, not pastels.

I used a butter knife to dip the smallest amount into the gel, then swirl it into the batter until mixed well. Then I simply rinsed off the same butter knife when I was ready for the next color.

Baking this cake is half the battle. Make sure your oven is preheated and bake the first layer (the red) for 8 minutes. Then pull it out to pour on the yellow-orange shade. Pour carefully around the sides of the pan, not the middle. Bake the second layer for another 8 minutes.

Onto the green layer. Bake this one for 13 minutes, because you are trying to get the cake to bake just enough to loosely set for the next layer. Remember to pour the batter on the edge of the cake and not into the middle directly. This is very important.

For the blue layer, bake for 13 minutes as well. Last is the purple layer. Bake this one for 25 minutes. The cake should be completely cooked, but not browning on the sides yet.

Use the toothpick trick to make sure the cake is baked through. Allow to cool, then flip and serve, or make a coconut whipped cream topping. It will look just like a cloud, which is fun for pictures!rainbow cakeIf you need a good bundt pan, I use this one. It’s lasted me 12 years and shows no signs of stopping.

rainbow cake

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