herb deviled eggs

Herb Deviled Eggs


Spring has sprung and Easter is nearly here. I’ve officially allowed my boys to wear shorts all week and they couldn’t be happier. The back yard has been cleaned up and freshly mowed. We even had our first BBQ of the season this week. I’m suddenly very aware of my pasty skin and trying to get a head start on some sunshine to remedy the horror of being a California girl without a tan.

While California’s weather is abiding by what most of us expect this time of year, I know many of my friends in the Midwest and further east are still experiencing crazy cold and snow. If you are looking for a way to “feel” like spring when the weather won’t cooperate, then this recipe is for you.herb deviled eggs

Herb Deviled Eggs

It was a dark rainy morning. My friend came over to bake with me. We think rainy days are the best for baking. The house needs to be warmed up anyways, so why not fill it with intoxicating smells and freshly made goodies for the kids when they come home from school. My dear friend brought with her fresh eggs from her very own chickens and fresh herbs from her garden. We got a loaf of bread started then stared over at the basket of eggs and herbs. What to make? Luckily my friend and I are ideas people. We spouted off a few thoughts then landed on this. Herb Deviled Eggs.herb deviled eggs

I’ve had this adorable ceramic egg dish for almost a year now and really wanted to use it. Don’t you just love it? I grabbed it at an antique store on a whim, just knowing it would be perfect for something.herb deviled eggs

The best part about these eggs is how simple they are to make. Herb deviled eggs can even be made a day ahead and stored in the fridge. If you can get fresh herbs, do it. The flavor really comes from the freshness of these herbs. Parsley, dill and chives make this dish pop in a savory creamy kind of way.

As always, I link ingredients for those of you that love to order online. 

herb deviled eggs

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