vanilla ice cream

Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream


Summer heat has me trying to make every dish a cold one in my kitchen. This girl does NOT like to heat up the kitchen when it’s over 100° outside everyday. Honestly, I feel like my face could actually melt when I go outside so why would I turn my kitchen into the same hot mess? Relief is on the way. I’ve created homemade vanilla ice cream. And you don’t need an ice cream maker.

vanilla ice creamIntrigued? I was too. Several months ago I began researching different ways to make ice cream. There are so many fun ways to do it! All of them seem to produce the same result – ice cream. So I looked into what was the easiest and best way to include kids in the process. That’s how I cam across the Kitchen Aid attachment for making ice cream. Whaaaa? It’s true. Unlike tales of mystical unicorns, the ice cream attachment is a real thing, and something you need in your life. Now.

This thing makes ice cream making as easy as eating it. I worked with this attachment about 20 times before deciding to give you the recipe. I wanted to be absolutely certain I had it down. My kids didn’t mind all the “practice ice cream” either. Here’s what I found to be a tried and true method for amazing, creamy ice cream.vanilla ice cream

The Making Of The Ice Cream

First, when you buy your attachment put in the freezer. If you have a deep freezer I’d suggest that. Keep it in there at least a day before making the ice cream.

While the attachment is getting nice and cold, start making what I call the ice cream batter. You’ll need a saucepan and a regular kitchen aid mixer.

Pour your heavy cream into the saucepan and let it heat up to just before it boils. You have to keep an eye on it because it goes fast. Turn the heat off immediately and move it off the burner. Now let it cool down slightly.vanilla ice cream

While that gets to luke warm temperature, add your egg yolks and sugar to the mixer. Blend on low until incorporated. You’ll notice I use less than a cup of sugar for the whole batch. I find that less is more with sugar. Trust me on this. While there are recipes out there calling for 2 cups of sugar, using less than a cup still gets the sweetness across and leaves your sweet tooth satisfied.

Ad in the luke warm cream and mix. Transfer that batter from the mixer back to the saucepan and heat up for 2-3 minutes, just to the low boil point, when little bubbles form on the sides. Turn off the heat.

Now add in the milk, salt and vanilla. Stir it all together and pour into a container that seals for the fridge. This is your batter that will set up in the fridge for 6-8 hours (overnight is fine).vanilla ice cream

Now comes the fun part! Gather the kids and tell them they get to make ice cream! Get the ice cream attachment out of the freezer and set up with the correct paddle and insert for turning. It’s really easy and Kitchen Aid send directions with the attachment.

Pour in the batter ( I let the kids do this). Turn the mixer on the low setting and let it go for the next 20 minutes. My kids LOVE watching the batter become ice cream right before their eyes.

Once done, I let my kids do the whole lick the batter thing and then scrape the ice cream into my freezer safe container. My kids love eating some right away and I store the rest in the freezer for later. We top it with anything in the house. One of our favorites is heating up a little dark chocolate making our own sauce to drizzle over it.vanilla ice cream

Voila! Homemade ice cream that doesn’t require an ice cream maker. No rock salt, no churning by hand for an hour. Easy peasy lemon squeezy!


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