Honey Sesame Pork Chops


This is quite possibly one of the best mistakes I’ve ever made. I was in a hurry to make dinner one night, trying to set the table (we are old fashioned and eat at a  table most nights), mash some potatoes and prepare a veggie. I had already thrown on the pork chops, but forgot to think about how I wanted to season them. So I added a sprinkle of this and a few tablespoons of that and let it simmer.

The result was ah-mazing. I quickly wrote down what I had done right after dinner and then made them a few more times before putting it here for your enjoyment. I’m a bit of a perfectionist so when you see a recipe on here, know that I have made it a minimum of 3 times and had multiple people sample it before it gets published. I even have a few beta cooks who will make my recipes in their kitchen to ensure it will work for everyone.

One of my favorite things to do with this sauce is grill some veggies in it immediately after removing the pork chops from the pan. The flavor is great and I have found I can cook veggies in an already heated pan in about 5 minutes. That means I can bring the main dish and a side to the table, tell my kids to go wash their hands and come back to my veggie dish done and ready to serve! I love little time saving tips.

**What are coconut aminos you ask? A simple explanation is that coconut aminos are a version of soy sauce, without the soy! A perfect option for people trying to avoid soy in their diet.

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