sticky rice

Island Sticky Rice


I’m not gonna lie. This dish is inspired by where I want to be right now. I’d very much like to be in Hawaii, Jamaica, Bermuda – any tropical island really. Sitting at an outdoor restaurant ordering this island sticky rice as I sip on a piña colada. Looking out at the horizon, watching the waves roll in. No concerns past which swim suit I’ll wear tomorrow. Letting the breeze wash over me and sand stick between my toes.

sticky riceSettling for island sticky rice and tanning in my back yard will have to do for now. I’m an unapologetic vacay junkie. Don’t believe me? I’m literally leaving tomorrow morning for a weekend getaway to the coast and I’m already daydreaming about where I want to go next. I don’t have a problem. You have a problem.sticky rice

Island Sticky Rice Rules

I need you to understand a few things before you pick up a pineapple at the store to make this dish. The first rule is no shoes while preparing or consuming island sticky rice. If you plan on making island sticky rice, you must be bare foot or at the most wear sandals. Capiche?
Second rule. No multi-tasking while making this dish. I mean it! Dishes, laundry, meal prep, sweeping, all off-limits. Not because it’s complex, it’s not. Simply because you won’t enjoy it the same way if you don’t focus on the good stuff. Like dinner in your flip-flops with your favorite people. Relax, this dinner is supposed to be fun!sticky rice
Lastly, I won’t really make it mandatory, but I highly suggest it. Little paper umbrellas. That’s right. Life is so much more fun with little umbrellas. I don’t even care if you make a drink or just toss it into your glass of water. Either way, it will put your mid in the right place to enjoy island sticky rice. Here’s a link so you can order them and have umbrellas at your house in two days if you have Amazon Prime. Which you should, because life is better when you don’t have to go to the store for every little thing. Am I right??


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