Killer Ketchup


I killed it this morning. From errands to parenting to the kitchen; I reigned supreme. If you’re in the middle of “the parenting years”, you know just how sporadic these days can be. That’s why I’m celebrating!

My Killer Morning

We were out the door on time-cutting it close but still on time. Kids were dressed, snacks packed, swim bag ready to go and invites to our Friendsgiving party in the mail box. Well, most of them. I secretly fist pumped as I left the driveway.

We arrived at swim class on time and I was a strong 95% focused and dialed in on my kids. This is one of my struggles. Either I get caught up talking to other parents or I get distracted with a text and end up on my phone more than I wanted to be.

Driving up to Dutch Bro’s and the barista adored Rori. Always a win when the young coffee sellers view your kids in a positive light. She even asked what they were for Halloween! We flew over to Costco for a quick return and the littles were absolute angels. I’m saying they actually were hugging and kissing each other in the cart as we went in and out. No one threw a fit or asked me for special treats. To make it even more clear this was an amazing moment, a lady stopped me in the parking lot as she was driving away just to tell me how much she had been enjoying my kids interacting with one another and how sweet they were. Double fist pump, just not in public.

My crew pulled into the Library for 20 minutes of fun and checking out some new books. This has been our new routine. I’m weaning my kids off of treats being rewards. We back-slid a little and are getting on track now.

Last we made a stop to the new little food stand everyone has been telling me I “have to try”. It was hard to keep the kids occupied waiting for food since the food stand is literally in the middle of a parking lot, but they were real troopers considering how tired they were. Food was bomb and we made it home by 1pm.


For a killer morning like this, I think it’s only appropriate this ketchup gets a proper name.

Exactly how this will look when it is done simmering.

Full of flavor, rich and thick, this ketchup is fantastic. I can’t wait to try it with my homemade chicken nuggets.


Stop telling yourself you don’t cook very often because it takes too much time. This sauce takes 10 minutes to make. That’s it. No more excuses. Get in the kitchen and make it happen!

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