Legendary Apple Pie


I love to dream. Long, beautiful dreams. Not the sort that drift through the mind unintentionally, but very purposeful dreams. The kind of dreams that come to you in the middle of the day. The sort of dreams that look like they could be glimpses of the future.

Some days I dream of being a baker in a small town. Waking up at 2am to start my breads and pastries. Watching the sun come up right as the last of the steam waffs from the cinnamon rolls. Seeing little families come into my store for a slice of pie and a loaf of bread for the week.

While exhausting I’m sure, it’s a beautiful dream. I’m nowhere near wanting a bakery or café. Raising my three kids and cooking for what seems an army definitely feels like a bakery at times though!

The baker in me is very proud of this particular recipe. This is a legendary apple pie. From the filling to the crust, you’ll taste heaven stirred in. I used coconut sugar, one of my favorite sweets to compliment granny smith apples. The crust is very slightly adapted from my pop tart recipe. All you will need to do is add 1/4 tsp salt to the mix.


This pie is so legendary, I created (with the help of my friend) a second version using my honey caramel sauce as the filling with the apples. Just sub the other filling ingredients for a batch of homemade caramel sauce. Add in the sliced apples, and you’ll have an amazing caramel apple pie!

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