lemon protein bars

Lemon Protein Bars


Last week I almost gave up. Life was coming down hard and doubts were filling my mind. Can I really keep eating well with no cheats AND keep up with everything around me? There were nights when I didn’t have time to make dinner. I had forgotten to meal prep on the weekend. All I wanted was taco truck.

Sitting on the kitchen floor crying with a tub of cookie dough in hand sounded like the best course of action. Sulking used to me my main squeeze. I can’t tell you how many days I’ve spent meditating on my state of misery. It’s crazy how those old habits come screaming back in our weakest moments. Almost as if they are waiting, lurking around the corner just hoping you’ll slip up. Talk about a lemon.lemon protein bars

As I frantically scanned my cupboards and fridge for food options, I pulled out all left overs that may or may not be expired. I found a few that were still good and tossed the rest. Then I remembered some fresh veggies in the bottom drawer. Slowly but surely, food ideas came back to me. I’ll admit my kids didn’t actually sit down to eat dinner until 7:15pm, but the point is we ate. I slowly nursed a cup of tea to help me make good choices while I cooked. I’m definitely a snacker when I cook and didn’t want to reach for the dark chocolate or fruit. I’ve noticed while eating well, even too much fruit can spike my sugar intake more than my body needs. What I usually need in those moments is protein.lemon protein bars

Dinner was not pretty and you won’t see it on here or Instagram. It was nutritious though, and delicious. Veggies, ground turkey, beans and a little homemade BBQ sauce drizzled on top. Yumm. If I learned anything from last week, it’s that I need to be purposeful when it comes to meal prepping. And that I’m still an emotional eater. I’m working on that part.

Lemon Protein Bars

Which leads me to this recipe. I’ve wanted to create a lemon bar recipe for some time now. Lemons are incredible, and a little hard to work with when you want a sweet taste too. Fresh lemons bring such a punch to these bars, and the honey really levels out the flavor. I’ve tested these on people who love lemons and those that aren’t huge fans. The results are that if you don’t like the flavor of real, fresh lemons, you might not like these. But if lemons make you smile and you’re looking for a great addition to your meal prepping game, these are the bars for you. Try these lemon protein bars and just see how long they last in your house. My family devours them in about 3 days!lemon protein barsAs always, I linked in the recipe where to find some of the less common ingredients. Also, my favorite protein powder!! Protein powder has been a really tough battle for many people. From finding ones with great ingredients to searching for ones not “sugar coated” so to speak. I know you’ll love the one I linked so give it a try!

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