valentines dinner recipes

No Cheats Valentine Dinner Recipes


If cheating is a no-no for you and your partner, then why is it okay when it comes to your eating? Most people plan to cheat on holidays. If you add up every holidays, birthday and fun weekend activity though- you’d be a certified cheater.

valentines dinner recipesI know, because this was me last year. I’d eat well Monday through Friday, then nearly every weekend had plans that made life easier if I just ate what everyone else was eating. This year I said no more. I signed up to do my own program; the “I Can Do This” plan with meal plans, grocery lists, workouts, and coaches to encourage me along the way. I’m losing weight, inches, and feeling confident. I survived a trip to LA with no cheats and am actually looking forward to Valentine’s Day dinner as it is going to be delicious without any guilt or self-neglect.valentines dinner recipes

A No Cheats Valentines Menu

So what does a meal with no cheats look like? Surprisingly it looks like the best meal you’ve ever had. I pulled from some of my top rated recipes to create this romantic menu and the results, well, just see for yourself!valentines dinner recipes

The main course is Herbed Pork Tenderloin. The fresh herbs bring the full flavor out in this picturesque entre. Pair with a side of Balsamic Cranberry Green Beans and fresh made bread. This is our newest recipe and will be released tomorrow is up on the blog now! It’s our take on a French artisan bread, but gluten free. Homemade honey butter is the cherry on top for this exquisite dinner.valentines dinner recipes

Talk a little about your day, but really focus on each other. Why you are with him or her. What fond memories do you have or funny stories to reminisce about. Reconnect and brighten the sparkle in your relationship that gets dim at times while going through the drudgeries of life. Be vulnerable. Say something sweet you don’t normally say. Then move on to dessert.

Did I say dessert? Ya, I did. I featured my pomegranate cheesecake for my gluten free but dairy friendly friends. If dairy isn’t your thing (or more accurately not your stomach’s thing) then make this zucchini chocolate cake. Out of all my cake recipes, my 9 year old requests the chocolate zucchini cake to bring to class for his birthday. It’s that good.


Cheating is a choice. But I’ve found cheating on what you eat is easier at times than finding a recipe that will work for you. That’s why I made this article, and why the I Can Do this program exists. To try it out for free, click here! Find your healthy, and live it out!valentines dinner recipes



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