Overwhelmed & Overjoyed


Last week was more than I could take. I was in over my head and couldn’t see a way out. I did that thing where I over-committed and stubbornly didn’t want to tell anyone no.

I was a crazed woman rushing between swim class, to grocery shopping, to coffee dates with friends who I owed time to. You know, those friends who are okay with being put on the sidelines for a while because they understand you have a lot on your plate. I love those friends, but I also try not to abuse their kindness.

I was in a constant flux at home trying to maintain a clean house, keep up with my online coaching launch, and spend time with the kids.

Then Saturday Happened

I slept in 30 minutes later than I should have. I woke up with a missed call from my mom who had forgotten something very important when she left for her vacation. She needed me to overnight it to her as soon as the postal office opened. So I left my kids at home with a sitter, drove to town (30 minute commute) to ship it, only to find that the store didn’t open til 10! I phoned a friend who lived in town to get my mom’s package sent, drove straight home with 25 minutes to spare before leaving for the lake to go to a baptism. The sitter had gotten the kids ready so I quickly cleaned out my car (it was bad) and loaded it up with our stuff.

The lake was great but I wasn’t even half done with my day and it was hard to focus on the present. We came home to have an important leadership meeting. I was stressed that I’d have no time to make my house nice. I knew there were dishes galore, dirty floors and piles of laundry to be folded. When I walked in, I was shocked.

Laundry ✅

Dishes ✅

Floors ✅

Counters ✅

My mother-in-law, who had been watching the baby while we were at the lake, had cleaned the house for us. Talk about feeling humbled and overjoyed all at once. I was able to have the meeting and be totally focused. We had guests coming from out of town to spend the night and I felt prepared for them. We were even able to clean the bathroom and their guest room before they arrived. I wish I could say that always happens when visitors come stay with us.

I was so richly blessed by what my mother-in-law had done. I’m sure she didn’t think much of it, but to me and how crazy day had been going, it meant the world.

Usually I gripe when things aren’t done exactly my way at home. It drives me mad when the silverware are in the wrong slots or the laundry is folded differently than how I do it.

What Really Happened

Someone who loves me went the extra mile and did something no one required or expected of her. It got me thinking. Who in my life is stressed right now? What can I do to shift their perspective from overwhelmed to overjoyed? While I’m not really in a place to go clean someone’s house for them ( because by bringing my 3 kids with me we’d most likely leave it a little messier), I did brainstorm some things I can do to brighten someone’s day.

  • I can write someone a note and mail it. That’s still a thing-people still love receiving a hand-written card.
  • I can invite a friend over for tea during nap time.
  • I can buy the person behind me coffee next time I’m in the drive-thru.
  • I can offer to take a friend’s kids for the morning so they can have a little peace and quiet.
  • I can bake some of my famous cookies and drop them off to one of my busy friends who doesn’t have time to chat, but definitely needs some cookies in her life.

What are some thing you do to turn someone’s day around? What has someone ever done for you that just blew you away with kindness?

I know I won’t be forgetting this kind deed for a long time.

Even if I did have to search for the cutting board a little longer😉


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