Pecan Crumble Espresso Coffee Cake


This coffee cake will make even your Monday feel like a party. Here’s why. Pecans and espresso are best friends. They always compliment each other. Whenever Pecan starts to feel lonely because no one pays attention to him, Espresso is there to cheer him up and tell him “You’re a great source of protein and everyone loves that you’re high in monounsaturated fatty acids!”

I’ve had coffee cake on my recipe “to-do” list for months now. I’ll be honest, it slightly intimidated me. Desserts can be really tricky to finesse into something everyone will enjoy while still maintaining it’s health benefits. I had my doubts as I was baking this the first time. I kept thinking, “maybe I put too much butter in,” or “will the brown rice flour taste funny with the espresso flavor?” Espresso and rice don’t usually party together in the same dish.

pecan espresso coffee cake2

All of my fears were put aside however as I tried my first bite. This coffee cake is so good. You’ll want to bring it to the next brunch or potluck event you have with your friends.

Funny Story

I left the coffee cake on the kitchen counter Saturday night while we were at youth group. My husband picked up some teens and had to run home quickly before going to youth group. While he was getting whatever it was he needed, the boys got out of the car and found my coffee cake. They wolfed it down. I was told it was the best coffee cake they’d ever had-ever. Never mind the fact that it’s good for them too! Teenagers are so funny. I recommend you always have a few of them in your life. They will literally make life better.

pecan espresso coffee cake4

So you see, you need this recipe. Pin it, print it, share it with the world!

You’re going to love how much cake this recipe makes too. If you don’t like to cook a lot, try making this on a weekend. You’ll find it can last up to 4 breakfasts easily depending on the size of your family.😉

Tip: I love my pastry cutter for making the topping. It gets the crumble absolutely perfect!


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