Pomegranate Curry Dressing


This is not your average dressing. Spice meets heat and the heat shakes it up with a bit of zip and sweet. In fact only thrill seeking salad eaters should continue on from here. 

One of my favorite meal preps is salad dressing. Healthy dressings are hard to come by. When you do find one, it costs more than the rest of the salad ingredients combined. Ouch.

So I prep out a dressing for the week. Then I have fun thinking of all the ways I can use the sauce with my meals. One time I had this over our classic “make your own salad” night and followed it up with a stir fry the next day. I mixed brown rice, ground beef, left overs veggies and this dressing all in one pan. Mmmm. It was divine.

There is enough sweet in the sauce that my boys like it. The edge from the curry is perfect for my husband who loves a good kick in his food. Try it out and let me know what clever ideas you come up with!

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