Quiche Me; The Perfect New Year’s Appetizer


Holidays give me the feels. I get all emotional and reminiscent of years past. Especially with my main squeeze. Thus, the sappy name for this recipe- Quiche Me!

I don’t think I’ve shared this yet, but I’m one of the lucky ones. One of the few girls who didn’t have to suffer multitudes of heartbreak before finding my guy. I had one boyfriend, and he became my forever and always. To be honest, I met Thad when I was young enough to think guys were only on the earth to tease and make fart jokes. I wasn’t wrong about those things, there’s just more to it now. 😉

My husband and I met way back when I still thought sports bras were evil and he had braces and a  truck with a huge Spider-Man decal on it. So many things have changed in the last 15 years, but he and I have been together through it all. Thankfully I’ve made amends with sports bras (they are so much cuter now) and Thad got his braces off. The truck is still here, but his little brother owns it now.

New Years is a time to celebrate the exciting unknown ahead and reflect on the joys of what’s been. I’m fortunate enough to have memories with the same guy in both directions. Our first years together New Years was more about hanging with friends and lighting fireworks ( legal, of course). Then came the romantic years. It didn’t matter what party we were at, it was all about that kiss at midnight.

These recent years have been a challenge just to stay up that late and hope the kids sleep in the next day! 😂 Life has changed, new joys have come and go. One thing I can count on is that my guy and I will be there for each other. We help each other chase dreams and we raise the most awesome kids you ever did meet. Read my funny mom posts about them here.

I know this is way more sentimental than you usually find my posts, but like I said earlier, the holidays give me the feels. Whatcha gunna do?

Over Christmas break I made two versatile quiches that will be perfect for your party this weekend. No matter what kind of party, or what kind of “quiche” you’re hoping for at midnight, these recipes are here for you.

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