Roasted Brussel Sprouts From Heaven


Brussels from heaven?!? Some of you are skeptics, I know. Taste buds have mixed with a few kid shows you watched growing up, which led you to believe that mini cabbages are gross. They’re not okay? In fact, my roasted brussel sprouts are frickin’ delicious.

This week I was drifting between the “work hard for your money” mentality and the “be the kind of mom who stops whatever she’s doing to be with her kids” concept. It wasn’t working. Especially when just coming off of Christmas break and getting two boys back into routine. I would sit down to email a client and suddenly my daughter wants me to take her doll potty. Next my son asks me to make him a snack. I got distracted in the kitchen cleaning. Before I know it, I’ve lost an hour of office time without really spending quality time with my kids.

Social media can really fool you. All of these moms out there claim that working from home is a complete joy and “fixed all their problems”. I still have a work schedule and I find my time is better spent working in one direction at a time.

The thing is I actually have an amazing time management system and 90% of the time I’m able to spend plenty of time with kids and plenty of time with work.

This week was just not that week for me.

Enter Brussels From Heaven

Being an ex-emotional eater, some recipes just get me. These brussels legit made my day. The way they caramelized, the strong flavor, and the perfect crispy outside with a tender inside. You’ve got to try these. Look at the ingredients list and pick them up at the store. Wait this week for a day when you need to be cheered up. Let this side dish calm you own from the inside out.

Heaven in a bowl.

My husband likes adding them to a wrap. He’ll toss in some grilled chicken, lettuce, beans, the brussels, and a hummus or salsa. Talk about a power house meal full of vitamins! Brussel sprouts are high in vitamin C, K and B. For those of you who are gluten free, it is really important that you find a way to get enough Vitamin B on the daily. Brussel sprouts are one of the veggies that can do that for you!

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