Savory Chicken Veggie Soup


Have you ever looked in your fridge and searched your cupboards only to realize there’s not quite enough of anything to make dinner? It can easily be a freak out moment when you live 30 minutes from town and have 3 kids to feed.

This soup was created on a night when we were low on groceries and it was too stormy to leave the house. I had to get creative. I started with grilling some chicken, and purging our fridge for whatever veggies we had left. I also had some brown rice so I cooked it up and threw it in.

** I’ve since made this soup without rice and it tastes great either way. If you don’t eat rice, just omit it in this recipe, or better yet use cauliflower rice by putting your diced cauliflower through the blender on pulse for a minute or two!

I used my homemade turkey stock that I had canned 6 months ago. You can use any stock or broth, but look at the sodium levels if you’re buying it from a store. Some broths have way too much sodium added.

I keep frozen garlic granules from Trader Joe’s on hand just in case I ever run out of garlic, which is exactly what happened the night this soup was invented. We go through a lot of garlic in our house. You know, because of vampires.

I buy this at Trader Joe's, in the freezer section.
I buy this at Trader Joe’s in the freezer section.

I added some seasoning, put it all together and voila! Dinner is served. The soup turned out so well that I’ve made it 3 times since for various guests and meetings.

A simple salad or sweet potato side dish pairs well with this soup.

Hint: If you like big flavor, leave the seasonings for the last 15 minutes. Seasonings can become bland when used in recipes that simmer for a long time, or say a crock pot recipe. So do all of the foot work by cooking your meat, adding your veggies and broth, then simmer until they are soft. Add the seasonings in at the very last 15 minutes. You’ll really notice the kick of flavor!!

Note: This soup is strict paleo if you omit the rice. Otherwise, it is considered modified paleo.

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