Skillet Apple Dumplings


Good Lord. This dish is ah-mazing. It reminds me of going to little diners as a kid and ordering the apple pie. For some reason nothing tasted better than diner apple pie. These skillet apple dumplings are now king of the castle, bumping that diner apple pie right off its pedestal.

Skillet Apple Dumplings: Tasty Meets Real Food

I’m constantly torn between the world of tasty food, and real food. I want to offer my kids something they’ll eat more than one bite of and come out thinking that was actual dessert instead of Mom’s healthy recipe gone bad.

This recipe is definitely going into our “kid approved” dessert category. I used coconut sugar to sweeten the apples slightly and then added a bit to the dumpling dough. They resemble little bites of pie crust. Yum!

Serving dessert in a skillet makes life that much more exciting. I loved watching my family’s faces as I presented this skillet to them all fancy-like at the dining table.

Everything good starts with butter!

For an extra special treat, we made some homemade coconut whipped cream to top them off.

Fry the dumplings BEFORE adding the apples.

Oh, what’s with the beautiful skillet you see? I’m glad you asked. This beauty came from Cleverona, one of the smartest Kitchen Goods company around. They design their items around real life.

I get so annoyed when it’s time to wash my pans and they won’t entirely fit into the sink. Cleverona solved that problem. The handle is detachable! How cool right??

I also love the simplicity of using my pan at the table without the handle. It changes the pan into more of a serving dish.

Try these Skillet Apple Dumplings and let us know what you think. We love feedback!


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    1. sweetestlemonade

      Sarah, you need to try cassava flour! It is a whiter color than most gluten free flours and comes from the cassava root. It has minimal flavor, which many people like because it resembles white flour.

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