Spiced Chai Butternut Squash


I was sitting down in my favorite chair sipping tea while the sun was coming up, soaking in those few extra minutes I had before the kids woke up. I was dreaming up some recipe ideas, trying to think of some good side dishes. I had a squash I’d purchased a little over a week ago and wanted to use it, but I wanted a punchy flavor, not the typical “hint of butter, dash of salt” deal.

I glanced at my tea.

Then back to my notepad.

Then back to my tea.

To quote Dispicable Me, “Light Buulb!”

I hurriedly jotted down what  would turn into this beauty of a recipe.

It’s flavorful, but in a sophisticated kind of way.

Only make this if you like chai. Got it? This recipe will make your taste buds so happy. They can even turn a squash hater into a squash enthusiast. Want to know more about why this colorful squash is good for you? Check out this post about all foods yellow.

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2 thoughts on “Spiced Chai Butternut Squash”

  1. We really enjoyed trying this one. Although I love to drink tea, I had never eaten it before. It was crunchy. Maybe someone will try this idea: What about making a chai tea reduction? Another thought is to place the tea in tea bags and lay them on top of the squash while it bakes.
    – Sue

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