How To Eat Well On The Go: Surviving The Weekend


Do you ever feel like eating right only works Monday-Friday? Once the weekend hits it seems like there’s always an opportunity to take a swim in the indulgence pool. Whether it’s the urge to order something extra sweet when you meet your friend for coffee or you have plans to be out of town and don’t have time to cook 6 whole meals and bring an ice chest of your “approved foods”, I’ve got you covered.

Surviving The Weekend:

eat well on the go

The Coffee Shop

Coffee shops alone have been my downfall in the past. I’ve gone in thinking, it’s just coffee, and somehow walked out with a blended fully-loaded cup of cancer juice plus a muffin on the side. Without meaning to, I’ve started my morning by consuming 3x my needed sugar intake and usually end up craving sweets the rest of the day.



Here’s the thing. Nine times out of ten coffee shops will have more options than you realize. If you’re arriving hungry, opt for their oatmeal instead of the muffin. Sometimes there are grain free baked goods, but it’s always a shot in the dark if they’ve loaded that with sugar too.

Order a black coffee with a dairy free milk and choose honey or stevia instead of syrups and powder flavors they add in. If you really feel like you can’t enjoy your coffee without that sweet kick, order your drink “half sweet”. I do this all the time. If I’m really jones-ing for that caramel macchiato, I’ll order it half sweet with coconut milk. While it’s not the healthiest thing on the menu, it doesn’t send me craving sugar for the rest of the day either.

Also, if you really want to eat right and maintain your social life, don’t forget there’s no shame in just ordering water. Tea is a great choice too! No one is here to make you eat something that could derail you or cause you to feel guilty the rest of the day.

The Restaurant

I walk into a restaurant with a plan. I’m confident, my head is held high, and then I see the menu. Suddenly my healthy ideas are out the window and that pasta is calling my name. I’ve been tricked one too many times by hearing the specials or seeing a picture of a meal and then being convinced that’s actually what I want.


Eating out on the weekend is fun and shouldn’t have to be canceled because you’re trying to change your eating habits. Try to stick to basics like rice, meat and veggies when ordering a meal. Potatoes can be an option too, if you don’t mind asking how they are prepared. Even though most restaurants are cooking the food in oils that aren’t the best for you, if you stick to these items, you’ll walk away full and not bloated or sluggish.

Did you notice I didn’t put salad in there? Salad is sneaky.


While you might find an amazing salad that works perfectly for you, I’ve found they usually sneak something in that won’t work for me. Salad dressings are usually dairy or oil based, the candied pecans are baked in sugar, the cheese and croutons hurt my stomach, and the dried cranberries are soaked in high fructose corn syrup. All I’m saying is be careful of the salad. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose.

The Vacation

It is sooo tempting to throw caution to the wind and eat whatever I feel like on vacation. The thing about vacationing though is I want to feel good and look good on them! When I’ve just eaten my weight in donuts and my husband wants to take a selfie (yes it’s him who owns the selfie-stick in our house), I’m not usually in a picture friendly mood.



Give yourself something attainable. I try to eat well on vacation and allow for either one meal or one sweet a day that’s away from what I would call healthy. This method has worked really well for me. My mind doesn’t freak out about being deprived of that funnel cake at the fair, but my confidence is still there when my kids want me to squeeze into the roller coater seat with them.

I also place a huge value on exercising while on vacation. My family loves bike riding, hiking, long walks and swimming. We do a lot of that when on vacation. Depending on the type of trip, I’ve even found gyms that will let me drop-in for a small fee. This past spring my husband and I went on a 10-day cruise to the Bahamas and we used the gym on the ship plus tons of walking as we toured islands to help stay on track. We managed to enjoy our whole vacation without the guilt and shame I usually feel after indulging over and over.

The Road Trip

For some beautiful reason our three kids all love long car rides. We have used this to our advantage and traveled all over the states. The way we do it now however is completely different than how we used to travel. Years ago, before we knew anything about healthy living, we packed food for our road trip from a list like this.

  • Oreos
  • Granola Bars (not the healthy kind)
  • M&Ms
  • Juice Boxes
  • Donuts
  • Soda
  • Doritos
  • Goldfish Crackers



Now, we have this list.

This is how we roll. We also plan out places to walk or even do quick hikes along the way to help us and the kids get our energy out! I personally spend a little extra money buying the already shelled pistachios to avoid having shells pile up in the car. Also, I only make 1 batch of the cookies, granola bars and the graham crackers. When we’re out, we’re out. This kind of list gives our family of five enough car snacks for 2 weeks on the road. We restock our fruit and jerky once. When you eat well, you feel well!


So don’t let the weekend get you down. You have lots of options! Whatever your plans are for next weekend, live in such a way that your confidence and joy shine through. When you do that, the victory is already yours.



Do you have tips for surviving the weekend?

Share them in the comments below!


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