Swirly Cinnamon Rolls


Saturday, Saturday what a fun fun day! As a kid this song rang through the house accompanied with the smell of pancakes on the weekends. I grew up where time stood still. Saturdays were for cartoons and pancakes. Growing up took a long time and that was good. Imagination was key and my parents were full of it. We never lived extravagantly, eating out was considered something special. My brother loved “riding” the vacuum and hide and seek was the best regardless of the fact that we lived in a small farm house my parents remodeled. With only a handful of places to hide, the wonder of it all made it exciting.

I still get excited when I play with my kids. There is something healing about sharing a game or an imaginative story with the ones you love. I was out of town this past weekend and came home to a full day with the kids. We played board games, made sticker books and laughed about nonsense. Waking up to a homemade breakfast is the top, the best after a long week. I remember just the smell of pancakes could bring a smile to my face. I was the kid who always wanted to stay in bed “just 5 more minutes” and that was the trick to get me up. Ironically, I have child like that now and he is sooo hard to wake up in the mornings. Negotiations start at 7am in my house and are usually won over with a delicious breakfast or promises of a fun day after school is out. Thanks Mom, you were absolutely right when you said one I’d have a kid just like me. Sigh.

Cinnamon rolls are king of weekends around here. It used to be that something special in a tube I’d pick up at the store once in a while. Then we switched the way we ate and my family went without cinnamon rolls for longer than I’d like to confess. I tried some paleo and gluten free versions, but nothing quite tasted right. Holding together was hard too. I couldn’t get the doughs to stick together to even look like they should.

The Return Of The Swirly Cinnamon Roll

Yes, that’s a slight Star Wars reference. If you knew my husband, you’d know why I must do that once in a while. This year I went after the cinnamon roll. I did my research played around with different doughs and various ways to bake them. Finally, after much deliberation, I created something my whole family gladly calls cinnamon rolls. The kids love that they swirl correctly too. I guess that’s a thing.

Gluten free and using coconut sugar really makes these treats easier on the gut. They are still a treat and you won’t find us eating them every week, but at least they are back into the rotation.

Go play with your kids. Have an undignified round of hide and go seek that ends in some poor kid hiding in a pile of dirty laundry for 15 minutes before you find them. Just me? I don’t believe that for a second. Make the weekends great and bake some homemade cinnamon rolls. To make life easier, I linked the specialty ingredients in the recipe. It will take you to Amazon where you can order what you need directly. I receive a small percentage of sales made to Amazon through my website. 

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