Tequila Sunrise


That feeling you get when you’ve officially left for vacation. Not the panic that sets in once you realize you left your camera at home or the phone charger. The other feeling. The one that washes over you as home gets farther and farther away. When work starts to feel more like a memory than a daily task.

Tequila Sunrise For The Win

That’s what this drink reminds me of. I’m 3 weeks away from a vacation myself. To be honest , that’s usually when I start “jonesing” for a retreat. Not the day of vacation, or even months before. But the 3 weeks mark. It’s all I can think about. My mind wants to be there already. I check my itinerary daily, making sure it’s correct. Daily fantasies of lying on the beach or hiking in the redwoods. I even make my packing lists early. I know, I know, some of you don’t think that’s fun. You do you boo.

Try this drink when you need a vacation and you’re no where near one. Make it for a weekend party. Hey, maybe even a brunch. I hope it brings you as much joy and relaxation as you can get without going on an official vacation. From brunch to celebrations, this drink knows how to party. The simple ingredients make this recipe attainable for any novice who can find their way into the kitchen. Begin by pouring the tequila into the bottom of your glass. Now add in the orange juice. Once those two have mixed completely, pour in the pomegranate grenadine. Watching the colors sift while the grenadine sinks to the bottom is half the fun. Optional: Try adding ice and a few pomegranate arils for a pop of color. Some people like to garnish the side of the glass with citrus like oranges or pineapples. This drink pairs nicely with breakfast type foods like waffles, quiches and sausage. My friends and I enjoyed some homemade biscotti, eggs and sausage with our tequila sunrises just the other day. 



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