Citrus & Herb: Thanksgiving Turkey


Looking for the perfect holiday turkey recipe that will bring the family to their knees begging for just one more slice? Whether you’re as dramatic as I am in the kitchen, we all want one thing this Thanksgiving. To enjoy the day with family instead of stressing over the meal. Am I right?

This recipe will make you look like a champ. A professional. The real deal. And any other high praise you’re secretly looking for.

Simply put, this recipe is the envy of all other turkey recipes. How did I create such a thing? One does not simply happen upon the perfect thanksgiving turkey. No, it takes time. Ever since Thad and I got married, which will be 12 years in May, we’ve hosted a friendsgiving. I’m pretty sure we invented it because we’d never heard of such a thing before us and now it’s everywhere. In fact, I was able to buy legit “Friendsgiving” invites from Amazon this year. Crazy, right? If you’re as excited about this idea as I am, you can buy them here. 

That’s a lot of years to practice making a thanksgiving turkey. Let me tell you, my friends are the real heroes here. They’ve tasted turkeys that were bland, undercooked, as close to burnt as it gets, way too salty, and frozen in the middle. Yep, they’re amazing people. And for some reason they’ve stuck with me. Last year, I finally got it. It was likely the same feeling Edison had when he finally made the light bulb work. He tried over 1,000 times though, so I’m a few steps ahead of him. 😉

Here’s how to make the best thanksgiving turkey. It’s easy and will not lead you to drink. 🍷

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