2016-03-07 11.48.25A few days ago my friend was telling me how she prays for God to take away those sugar cravings. We were joking that considering how much we work out, if sugar wasn’t in our lives we’d look pretty freakin’ amazing. I had to agree. In fact, there are many nights I find myself asking God to take away my cravings for sugar too. I’ve come so far and overcome so many “food hurdles”- yet sugar still tries to get me. It’s there when I’m trying to celebrate birthdays with loved ones. It’s there at every single holiday. It’s there when I go out on a date. It’s there when I’m really proud of myself for going weeks without any sweets and want to treat myself. It’s there when I’m feeling low on energy and need a quick boost.

The thing with sugar is that I can’t completely eliminate it out of my life. I can do my best to keep it out of the house (but then it walks in with the kids when they come home from their grandparent’s or a school event). I can do my best to say no thank you when offered that cake at parties (even though I hate that I look like a snob). I can even try to find healthy alternatives when the holidays roll around -but who really wants a sugar free homemade candy at Halloween time??

My point is that sooner or later I have to decide what my role is with sugar. I have to put some (more)  work into creating a healthy balance of once in a while treats verses eating all the left over frosting by the light of the fridge after the kids have gone to bed. Not that I’d ever do that….

Now that I’ve been working on kicking sugar out of my life for a few years, my moments are farther apart. I can go a month or so without caving in.

Part of my strategy is to teach myself new habits. When I used to reach for M&M’s, I now have a cup of tea with a stevia packet in it. In the evening if I really feel the need for sweets I’ll have a green apple with a few pieces of dark (like 70% or darker) chocolate. I try to have a plan before attending anything social, whether it’s being that weirdo who brings her own food (my friends love me for my weirdness) or just eating before I go so I’m not super hungry. I also try to pay attention to who feels honored when I eat their food. I am surrounded by some great hostesses, and I know it means a lot to them if I eat something they provided.

When God hears us praying to him, nay, pleading with him to take away the thing that burdens us, guilts us and even at times tears us away from a closer walk with Him, He listens. His answer isn’t always the welcome response we are hoping for. We want to wake up magically not craving sugar anymore- even if we lived in a house made of cookie dough with a hot tub of caramel sauce (just being real here). We also want to suddenly never think of that dirty joke again. Never self-hate when we see ourselves in the mirror. Never lose our temper with the kids. Never slip and start
thinking we’re better than someone else.

God hears you, and He has a plan to get you the freedom you are looking for! You need to be committed to the process though. Be ready to put in work with God. For we are co-workers in God’s service; you are God’s field, God’s building. (1 Cor. 3:9 [NIV]). To put it simply, God is your pal in this.  He has never claimed to be some genie granting you wishes left and right. God is relational. He wants to go through life with you. So whether you are staring down those brownies or trying desperately to forgive someone, God’s with you. Be encouraged, don’t give up, and live life to its fullest! Have some insight to share? Leave a comment and let me know how you battle those sugar cravings!

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