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Enough already. Never have I wanted 24 hours to end so badly. My day was hilariously horrible right down to the coffee. 😫🍮

I turned 29 on Friday. Honestly, I was looking forward to it. Aging is something I was taught to enjoy. My parents raised me right. I never once heard my parents complain at their birthdays or talk about getting older in a negative connotation. Every year holds more joy and bigger goals to be accomplished. Plus my kids mysteriously get cuter each year, so I always look forward to that.

The day after my birthday means something to me. I don’t know why, but it somehow feels like the first day of a new age is important. I wake up with anticipation, and until now it’s always been a great step forward towards the year.

Today Is The First Official Day Of 29

I had big plans. We had our annual family pictures scheduled with our favorite photographer bright and early. Clothes were set out, even a back up pair in case the kids got dirty. After pictures we were going to brunch and then trying a new coffee shop in town. How could the day go south? (dun-dun-dunnn)

Hopping out of the car the boys were talking about how pretty the park was in the morning. Rori was dressed adorable and being super smiley. The photographer rolled up and we started our pictures. Not one second after the first “cheese”, my 4 year old decided he did not want to smile. Rori began to whine and Josh was only smiling for pictures, but wasn’t happy otherwise.

We tried every single pose and idea to get the kids excited. At the very least I wanted a picture of them looking in the same direction! Attitudes were flying and while my husband kept his cool, I was getting frustrated. I threatened to take away TV for the whole day if they wouldn’t smile or stand next to each other without fighting. Ugh. Not my finest parenting moment.

Luckily we have the nicest photographer ever. He didn’t lose his cool and he kept suggesting new places to sit or stand to keep things moving along as my family begrudgingly trailed behind. Finding a photographer who is patient with kids is priceless.

By the time we were done (longest hour of my life) everyone was hangry and emotionally drained. We went to brunch and experienced the worst waiting for food to get to the table ever. Mostly because our patience was already thin, but for reals the restaurant was not with it. I thought about offering Sam some jelly packets to keep him from eating the booth. If you’re reading this and you work in the restaurant biz, please keep in mind that when you see young children gnawing on the furniture, bring them a freakin’ piece of bread. Common curtesy ya know?

Such Bad Coffee

On to coffee. My husband and I love good coffee and we were totes excited to try a new place. We’ve literally tried them all in our town. The café was cute, atmosphere was great. Kids were now begging us to buy them smoothies. I’d had enough of this entitlement attitude so I said no. That never goes over well. Even when it’s the right answer.

As we grabbed our coffee and loaded the car full of adorable mis-behaved children, we tasted our drinks. Oh my word, never have I had such bad coffee. It was all powdery, watered down and not even the flavor of coffee!

I felt like giving up on the day. Taking a long nap and waking up the next day.

Instead we went home, collected ourselves and proceeded to have a meeting, youth group and take teens home while my glorious mother watched the kids.

It was a 30 minute drive to take one of the kids home and I was trying to reset my mind so as to end the day well. I was remembering that when my joy gets stolen, I need to steel it back. I was trying to think of happy things in my life and why I still had it better than so many others.



Then I ran over a skunk.

And it sprayed the car.

Eyes burning, smell soaking into my skin. Still needing to drive…..

I started laughing. I couldn’t help it. This was the worst first day of 29 I could have imagined. If I was going to have a bad day though, that was definitely the perfect way to end it.

My tired, emotionally drained skunk smelling self on my first day of being 29.
My tired, emotionally drained skunk smelling self on my first day of being 29.

What horrible-funny days have you had to laugh at just to move past it? Any tips for stealing your joy back?

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