When Minecraft and Minions Collide: The Birthday Party


Minecraft and Minions? In what universe do these go together? In my universe, actually. My oldest son is 8 this month while my second oldest is 4 this month. Being that the boys’ birthdays are only 2 weeks apart, we decided to throw a brother birthday party!

I asked each boy to pick the theme they wanted, and we held the party at a park. My boys are very different in personality so it only makes sense that they chose such different themes!

I also managed to keep this party within my budget. I usually plan for $100 a party. Sometimes we’ve gone over, but usually we are right at the limit or even below it. I combined the budget for each boy making our grand total $200. This really isn’t so much money when you start adding up the little details.

So if you’re curious what I did to put the party together, here are some pictures and links if applicable.

Someone REALLY wanted to eat his cake!

First of all, I like making a fun themed cake for each of my kids’ parties. It’s never super fancy like those amazing pinterest cakes, but it also isn’t as bad as the pinterest fail cakes. I like to think my creativity for cakes falls somewhere in the middle. I also love making cakes from scratch. And no, I didn’t make a clean eating or paleo cake. I haven’t mastered those yet, and I’m also okay with the occasional treat, being that it’s just that- occasional.

For Sam’s Minion Cake I used this chocolate cake and this chocolate buttercream frosting.

For Josh’s Minecraft Cake I used this perfect white cake with the same chococlate buttercream frosting.

I looked for ideas on Pinterest, but when it came down to it, I did my own thing. I look up a few ideas for the fondants as well, but those minions definitely had a mind of their own once I got going!

The grand total for both cakes came out to $33.59. They were each 2 tiers, which meant a double batch of cake each. The fondant was homemade too. While it does take a lot of time to make cakes like these, I have found I can usually only save time or money, not both.

Renting the spot at the park came out to $55.00. When we got there to set up, the park employees were cleaning up the tables, changing the trash, and cleaning the bathrooms. I so appreciated that our money didn’t just hold a spot, but ensured a clean area too!

The decorations for the party came out to $30.00. I purchased things like plastic table cloths, plates, cups, cutlery, balloons, and plastic serving trays for the food. I got all of this at Dollar Store. I could have saved about $15 if I’d used my own serving dishes, but I didn’t want to try and pack them up in the car and risk them breaking, so to me this was totally worth it.

I also bought this fold-yourself Minecraft Papercraft kit for $8.79. I put these characters on the cake, as making square shapes out of fondant was really hard, and the extra pieces we used to decorate the food table.

Josh and Blaine, friends since they were 2!
Josh and Blaine, friends since they were 2!

For the party favors, I bought little Minecraft key chain characters on Amazon and made Minion hats from construction hats, also from Amazon. I spent $32.44 on both.

For food we spent $40. We served make your own sandwiches with bread rolls from Costco and deli meat and cheese. We also had chips, fruit trays, and a veggie tray. I like buying things like that separately and making the trays. It saves money and doesn’t take much time.

The kids all had a great time. Some played on the playground while others organized a soccer game. The sandbox at the park was a real attention getter. I loved being able to enjoy the party and chat with parents.

My grand total for this brother birthday party was $199.82. Not too bad right? I’d love to hear your tricks for fun birthday parties with a budget!

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