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The Perfect Princess Party


Who wouldn’t want a princess party for their 3rd birthday? In fact, who wouldn’t want a princess party in general? That’s exactly what I thought when Rori told me she wanted a princess party. Can you believe she’s three? It seems like just yesterday I was baking cookies while simultaneously holding her in the baby carrier. We did everything together. She went to the gym with me, baked, folded laundry, did dishes. I miss those moments holding her close to me all day. Those baby carriers are an absolute life saver, and a wonderful way to bond with your little love.

I am not a crafty mom. To be completely honest, it’s one of those things I’ve always wanted to be, but alas my creative juice only turn into recipes and cute hair. When it comes to birthdays though, I really give it my all. I immediately went to Pinterest for inspiration. Oh my lanta, there are so many wonderful crafty moms out there just KILLING IT with homemade decorations, cute table settings, party favors, right down to adorable name tags for food. You can check out my princess party board here.

princess party
I made the cake and my sweet friend decorated it for me!
princess party
I found these cute decorations at Target

The Best Idea Ever

princess party
I bought these arrangements pre-made from Michael’s and simply put them in vases. Easy peasy.

I chose the easiest things I saw, and came up with a few new ideas. Then I came up with the BEST IDEA EVER. I’d seen a local company online had started doing birthday parties for the princess and hero enthusiasts. They come in full costume, fully in character, and ready to interact with the kids. I called them up and spoke to one of the owners about Rori’s party. She gave me a list of available princesses, and told me they offered face painting as well as a story and song time. Umm, could this be more perfect for my daughter?!? All she ever wants to do is sing, dance and read stories. For realsies.

We used a polaroid camera and made a cute backdrop for photo-ops!
Face Painting!
princess party
Cake Pops with edible glitter
princess party
Princess necklaces you can eat!

After some tough decisions, we chose Belle and Princess Anna to come to the party. I know what you’re thinking. I should have picked Aurora since that’s Rori’s name. Being that she’s only just turning three, think about what it means for her to meet another Aurora. I imagine it would have gone like this.

Me: “Rori, look it’s Princess Aurora!”

Rori: (loudly) “NO, I’m Princess Aurora.”

Me: “Well, yes, but this is Princess Aurora too.”

Rori: “NO IT’S NOT” (much louder and upset now)

princess party
Belle, Rori and Anna

Honestly, why not avoid the whole thing and invite two of her favorite princesses?

Princess Etiquette

Not only did the princesses own the room and get ALL of the kids engaged, but they added in a few fun things. They taught everyone how to bow correctly, and how to wave like a Princess.

They also did two fun games that were age appropriate for Rori’s friends and even a few of the older siblings that came.

The party was a complete success and I would absolutely suggest them to a friend! And hey, we’re pretty close. Like, I think we’re friends – right…

If you’re looking for the perfect princess party, book these lovely ladies and get inspired to create a simple, beautiful event.

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