The Running Lemon


I don’t think I’ve ever told anyone this. Not my mom, my husband or my closest friends.

The truth is….

I love running. I just don’t like to tell people because I’ll end up talking with someone who loves to run too and the conversation will go like this:

Me- “Ya, actually I love running. I get so much perspective when I go running.”

Runner Chick-“Hey, you love to run?? Me too!! I need a running buddy. Want to do a little 7 mile run next Tuesday?”

Me-“Ummm, yeah… that sounds fun….”

End of conversation. Beginning of finding new ways to politely avoid nice Runner Chick.

See, I love to run, I’m just not fast. I’m consistent. I can run a 5k no problem, but It’s not going to be under 30 minutes, it’s just not. I’d rather allow myself to be distracted by the beauty of everything around me, even stop to take a picture of the sunrise, then worry about my time or check my heart rate every 3 minutes. So you can imagine how slow my times are when I have workouts at the gym that have runs combined with… well…anything else. My mom once told me I’m slower than a sloth running through nutella, and she meant that in a good way!



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All of this is to explain my lemon. I recently found out my knee isn’t healing like I hoped it would. There’s physical therapy in my future and very possibly surgery. All from a bad fall 3 months ago. My doctor said absolutely no running until we can get that knee healed. He also said no squatting below 90° angles and no rowing machine.

I’ll admit it, I’m pretty sad. Those are a few of my favorite things. I use the gym as “me” time. One hour a day when I can focus on my strength, improve on my weaknesses, and make a nice little sweat puddle on the floor. The rest of the day can be all about my kids, youth group, PTO, my house, etc. and I enjoy all of it. Now my challenge will be to replace that time with exercises that are safe for my knee, but generate the same “me” time. I’m going to be working on my core, pull ups, swimming, and bicycling.

The good news is even if I have surgery I’ll recover quickly and be back to my normal self in no time. So while this lemon is definitely trying to get me down, it won’t. It’s all about my state of mind. I cannot allow doubt or fear to enter in. If you’ve ever encountered an injury that kept you from doing something you loved, feel free to share what helped you get through it, I love encouragement! For now, I’ll secretly look forward to the next time I get to run.

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