This Is Not How Batman Dies


I had a week.

I don’t mean like,

” How was your week?”

“Oh it was fine, just busy.”


No no no.

I signed up for too much.

I volunteered my time in too many directions.

I tried to make too many homemade items for the kids’ party.

I over committed when I said I’d make a Minion cake and a Minecraft cake for their party.

I sweetly said yes when asked to meet with various people to lend a listening ear.

I should have said no thanks. Not this week. How about another time? I wish I could, but this week is already full!

I’ve learned a lot about time management over the last few years-especially when it comes to stay-at-home-momming. Somehow everything I’ve learned kinda just flew out the back of my head though. I forgot to prioritize and make sure my families’ needs were met before others’.

The result was a feeling that can only be understood if you’ve watched The Lego Movie. Have you seen it? It’s one of those movies you need to see regardless if you have kids or not. Trust me.

There’s a scene where the characters build a submarine to escape Bad Cop and his army. The submarine isn’t built well and is about to implode. Everyone is freaking out and Batman shouts, “This is not how Batman dies!”

That’s exactly how I felt last week. I poorly planned and everything was crashing down on me. My kids weren’t feeling good, I was running out of time to finish some of my cute party ideas, I had to make time for some very important meetings, and I kept forgetting to eat because I hadn’t properly meal prepped that Sunday.

By Friday I was actually saying out loud, “This is not how Batman dies,” to help me remember not to give up.

Life gets hard. Sometimes that’s because of other people and sometimes it’s because of our own decisions. Either way, it’s important not to throw in the towel. Fight for a good life. Learn from your mistakes (talking to myself here)!

The ‘lemonade’ that came from one lemon of a week was the kids were all feeling better by the weekend and enjoyed their birthday party. The cakes turned out cute, and no one knew which party decorations were half way done still sitting on my dining room table, so it didn’t really matter! I got everything important done, and this week I remembered to prioritize. I took time to just be with my kids. I said no to a couple things. I even got back to my meal prepping and remembering to eat.

I hope this encourages you whether you’re in the middle of one tough lemony week or thinking of signing up for too much next week.


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