Three-Ingredient Caramel Sauce


This caramel sauce is the bees knees. I still can’t get over how great it is. My healthy-hating friends love this sauce, the kids have requested I make it again and again and my husband created a new caramel cappuccino with this recipe. Don’t worry, I’ll post the coffee recipe soon!

I’ve wanted to make this for a long time. I had no idea it would be this simple though! I wanted a caramel sauce that doesn’t hurt my teeth from the intense amount of sweetness. One that can be used as a sauce, but will also thicken up in the fridge. I can now cross that off my bucket list. Done and done.

This is a simple recipe that will leave you feeling victorious. Fall is finally here. Along with the changing of leaves come all sorts of seasonal foods. Apples, pumpkins, pomegranates, squash, persimmons, and so much more! Be prepared to use this caramel sauce over and over again.

Caramel Sauce: The Process

First off, you’ll want to make sure you have time to simmer something for about 10 minutes. This isn’t one you can walk away from.


Pour in your coconut sugar, butter and heavy whipping cream into a medium saucepan.


caramel-sauce4Heat and stir the butter as it melts in with the other ingredients.

The sauce will look very dark. Keep stirring as it comes to almost a low boil. You will see tiny little bubbles form on the edge of the saucepan. That’s when you start stirring a little faster. Stir for approximately 5 minutes, turning the heat a little lower if you have to. Be very careful not to burn the sauce.


Once it’s been 5 minutes, turn the heat off. Pour the sauce into a mason jar or something of that nature. Allow it to cool for a minimum of 15 minutes before serving.

If you want a thick sauce, put the lid on the jar and place it in the fridge for one hour or more.


Tip: Once you’ve poured the sauce into the jar, wash your saucepan immediately, or at least soak it. I mean it’s caramel sauce, so you know it’s sticky. Save yourself some pain and wash that thing right away!

Caramel Sauce

Caramel Sauce


  • 1 cup coconut sugar
  • 1/2 cup butter (one stick)
  • 1/2 cup heavy whipping cream


  1. In a medium saucepan, pour in the coconut sugar, butter and heavy whipping cream.
  2. Stir over medium/high heat until it comes to a low boil, just before a rolling boil.
  3. Stir at a faster pace for about 5 minutes, being very careful not to burn the caramel.
  4. Turn the heat off, and pour the sauce into a jar.
  5. Allow to cool completely before serving.
  6. For a thick caramel sauce, place in the fridge for one hour or more.
  7. This sauce will last up to 2 weeks in the fridge.
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**About the whipping cream. If you follow Sweetest Lemonade’s posts, you know I rarely use dairy in my recipes. I believe dairy is meant to be used once in a while, not all the time. This is only the second time I’ve used dairy in a recipe. If you are lactose intolerant, sub the heavy whipping cream for thick canned coconut milk. You could also use almond milk, but I’d add in 1 Tablespoon of tapioca starch to get the right thickness.



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