Tuna Patties


Is it weird that I love tuna patties? When I was young my mom made what we called “tuna puffs”. I’ve since made my own version to adhere to my diet. My kids always look at these funny, then try a bite and fall in love.

Josh my 8 year-old finished his entire plate last night of tuna patties, green beans and brown rice. My 4 year-old ate half his dinner which is impressive for him. The one year old not only ate her whole dinner (minus the rice that fell on the floor) but she went back for more right before bed time.

tuna patties3

The only one who isn’t a fan is my husband. He’s not so much a fan of tuna. Luckily part of having kids means they can help you outnumber your spouse when picking meals. Sometimes that backfires on me though. My kids always side with Dad when it comes to sweets.😆

Tip: Make sure you’ve mixed these really well before frying. If a chunk of tuna hasn’t been mixed well it will separate from the tuna patty while frying. Also, try not to press them down very hard. These patties need a more gentle touch.


Comfort Food

My absolute favorite dinner is tuna patties with steamed artichokes and steamed carrots. It’s a comfort thing. So, if I’m ever sick you’ll most likely find me making these and putting on old Full House episodes. That is, if I get sick. Moms aren’t really allowed to get sick. They also aren’t allowed to go to the bathroom by themselves. But I digress.

What is your go-to comfort meal? I’d love to hear it!



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