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Ultimate Lego Birthday Party


Each year I get excited about my kids’ birthday parties. At least a month before their special day I start planning, dreaming and usually creating a Pinterest board. See, I grew up with themed birthdays each year. As a kid I thought that’s just what other families did. I’m not even kidding you, until I was 20, I didn’t know other kids had birthday parties, no theme.

lego partyI’m not talking themes like, oh we went to the skating rink and that was the theme. No. I mean, one of my birthdays was an Australia theme. Legit my dad spoke in an Aussie accent the entire time, games were planned around Australian topics, and I’m fairly certain we tried to make a kangaroo piñata. Tried, not party

Another time I had a murder mystery party. I’m sure you’ve heard of these. I was 16 and thought this was the coolest idea (still do). You buy this box and each person is given a character you act as for the duration of the party. You try to figure out who the murderer is. Being that is was me though, the party had to be themed to the max. All party guests stayed the weekend in a house in the mountains we rented. We brought our own costumes and stayed in character during the whole thing. When I reflect on these memories, I always think, “Wow my parents are pretty cool for doing all this.”lego party

That’s why I am the way that I am. I can’t help it! Obviously themed parties are a part of me and I love doing them for my kids. This year was no different. My boys both have birthdays in May. And while they are 4 years apart, they have finally arrived at the ages where they’re into the same things. Two years ago we did a brother birthday party with a Minion and Minecraft Birthday. This year, they both wanted a Lego party!lego party

The first thing I did was brainstorm ideas that could make the party amazing, but not a ton of work. May tends to be our crazy-town month as we have many other family birthdays, anniversaries, and graduations each year. So I had to be strategic. And yes, I made a Pinterest Board which you can check out party

For a location, I chose our local Bricks 4 Kids which is a fun interactive Lego play store. They have just re-branded and are now called Creative STEAM. I found them a few years ago when I took Josh to a Lego camp. He absolutely loved it and I knew this would be an incredible time for all the kids. We let each boy invite 5 friends, and then invited our family members. The kids had full reign of the Lego tables, ramps, and many boxes of Legos. Creative STEAM has a party room where we put the cake, food and presents. What was really fun was watching the adults sit down and get into building Lego creations just as much as the kids!lego party

For the cake I let the boys look online at various creations. They loved the idea of a cake that looked like it was build by Lego figurines. So that’s what we did! I found a picture that was very close to what they wanted and went off of that. The boys loved getting their own Lego guys to be cake toppers and I loved not making Lego men out of fondant. I used my gluten free perfect white cake and made homemade fondant plus a classic buttercream for the crumb coat and party

As a party favor, each kid received a Lego crayon (I used these molds and melted crayon pieces in them) plus a cute Lego sticky note I found here.

I added in a few fun stencils to draw with too. The box for the favors were so cute. I’d definitely use them again if my kids ever wanted this theme on party

It was an absolute success. Easy set up and clean up, and everyone got creative building Legos. If you live in Northern California, I highly suggest checking out Creative STEAM. They do parties, summer camps, and open play hours! Their staff were kind and my boys got to take home a signed shirt from their party guests from Creative STEAM party


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  1. I did a Lego Christmas Party for children at work and it was a lot of fun too! We bought a variety of individual heads, hair/hats, shirts, and pants from the lego site for each child to build their own figurine to take home.

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