The Opposite Of A New Year's Resolution: What I Will Not Be Doing In 2018


I’m done. Fed up. Enough is enough. There are too many pins, inspirational quotes and well-meaning blogs about what I should ADD to my life next year.

You know what?


That’s right, I said it.


My life is peachy and adds it’s own stuff all by itself. The mere fact that I have three kids, my job, my husband’s job and our church ministry is plenty thank you very much. Don’t go tell me about the newest way to contour or the best hacks for cleaning out my fridge.

How about I DON’T do stuff this year? What if we all took a step back and eliminated junk from our lives. Who knows, it could make next year the best one yet.

I created a pdf that does just that. It walks you through some thought-provoking ideas that might be weighing you down more than you know. I for one felt it. I researched what it is to be happy. I read all about the habits and lifestyles of happy people, and I looked at my life. I want to be happy, not in a moment but in life. So I’m going to NOT do some things this year.

I’m going to eat healthy every day in a way that’s sustainable for myself and my family. I won’t judge myself if that looks different than what my friends are doing. I won’t judge myself if eating healthy also doesn’t bring me down to a size 4. Let’s be real. Healthy comes in all shapes and sizes.

I’m going to workout because I love it, not because of the guilt I feel after eating popcorn at the movies.

I’m going to be involved in my kids’ lives without joining every program, activity and sport that gets offered to them. Right now I’m running from dance class to swim to AWANAS to what ever sport we are doing. I’m not saying no to all of those, but something’s got to give. We used to read for an hour every day just because.  Maybe that can be our “extra” thing. Being that it involves staying home and cuddling on the couch, I’m thinking it’s a slam dunk.

I’m saying no to being in charge of stuff. Even if I’m good at it. Even if I’d like it. I have enough I’m in charge of right now, and to do those things well, I need to NOT take on anything else.


Download this FREE printable pdf and find what you need to get rid of in order to find your happy. Happy New Year!


Mandi & the Sweetest Lemonade Team

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